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hi, hello!

Dec. 10th, 2023 | 09:37 pm

So basically, this journal is semi-friends only, which means that everything real life as well as personal photos are friends-locked while most everything else is public. Which means that I don't need to follow you back unless you (for some odd reason) are interested in my personal life. In that case, just drop me a comment and introduce yourself, and if I see that we have common interests, I may friend you back! :)

If you're looking for my art, fics, graphics or links to my other sites, go have a quick look at my profile where you'll most likely find everything (and more) you're looking for!

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Tropey Thingy

Aug. 18th, 2015 | 10:07 am

People are doing a thing, so I did it too... I think I clicked "I like both" too many times... LOL.

Also, I like different things in different fandoms. Like, I did this with Teen Wolf in mind - if I'd done it with Harry Potter in mind, things like incest obviously would've been way higher up on the list. And I'm bad at picking between two things I like. WHY CHOOSE WHEN YOU CAN HAVE BOTH?

Ahem, anyway~

[first time I did it]

1 Royalty/Arranged Marriage
1 Adopting/Raising a Baby
1 Soulmate Identifying Marks: Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc
1 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
1 Fake Out Make Out
6 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
6 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
8 Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
8 High School/Uni AU
10 Incest
10 Age Difference (possibly due to time travel)
10 Vampires/Werewolves AU
13 Trapped in an Elevator/Snowed-In Cabin/etc
14 Hurt/Comfort
15 Role Reversal AU
15 Amnesia
17 Friends to Lovers
18 Magical Connection (telepathy, etc)
19 A/B/O
20 Rivalmancy
21 Found Families
22 Sex Pollen
23 Actually Unrequited Pining
23 Loyalty Kink
23 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
26 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Warp
26 Espionage AU
26 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU

Okay, never mind, I'm doing it again. No "I like both" and "No opinion" this time.

1 Fake Out Make Out
2 Seemingly Unrequited Pining
3 Amnesia
4 Royalty/Arranged Marriage
5 Soulmate Identifying Marks: Tattoo, Red Thread of Fate, etc
6 Fake Dating/Fake Marriage Accidentally Turns Into Feelings
7 Trapped in an Elevator/Snowed-In Cabin/etc
8 Vampires/Werewolves AU
9 Rivalmancy
10 Enemies to Friends to Lovers
11 Age Difference (possibly due to time travel)
12 Incest
13 Role Reversal AU
14 Hurt/Comfort
15 A/B/O
16 Adopting/Raising a Baby
17 Coffee House AU/Food Service AU
18 High School/Uni AU
19 Found Families
20 Friends to Lovers
21 Sex Pollen
22 Loyalty Kink
23 Magical Connection (telepathy, etc)
24 Espionage AU
25 Actually Unrequited Pining
26 Selfcest (possibly due to time travel)
27 Reincarnation/'25 Lives' AU
28 'Groundhog Day'/Karmic Time Warp

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Podfic meme

Jul. 22nd, 2015 | 02:32 pm

I found a Podfic Meme on Tumblr and since no one over there is gonna send me asks anyway, let's do it here. Found here :)

[20 Questions...]

01. If you had to voice yourself in a podfic, what kind of voice would you give yourself?

Uhh... just a normal voice? I wouldn't make it lower or higher, and I wouldn't speak particularly energetically or anything... Just... normal. Idk.

02. Is there any specific ritual you go through while/before/after podficcing?

Not really. I probably should have some sort of ritual but I usually just jump straight into it and then later realize that maaaybe I should've looked up the pronunciation of a few words or thought about how to read a certain bit... Basically, I podfic as messily as I do everything else, haha. Well, I suppose - I always put the fics on my Kindle because my laptop always makes these random beeping sounds from time to time and I cannot have that ruining my recording~ I usually make sure to have something to drink nearby and that I'm comfortable (even though my """studio""" and the position I'm in is about as uncomfortable as it gets LOL).

03. Do you have a favorite kind of story to podfic? If yes, what is it?

I like all kinds of stories and I'm planning on recording all kinds of stories. I can't really pick just one genre or whatever that I prefer over others. Except - stories with blanket permission. It is SO awesome to have the author's permission and to not have to go through the sometimes nerve-wracking process of asking for permission and then possibly waiting for a long time before getting a 'yes' or 'no'.

So, dear authors, if you want to encourage random podficcers who come across your stories to record your stories? Make sure to have a blanket permission statement wherever you post your fics. Even if you're not okay with transformative works - put a quick line about it into your profile and said hypothetical podficcer will know not to bother you with the question.

04. Are there podficcers you admire? Who and why?

SO MANY. I love chemm80, reena_jenkins, Rhea314, shiningartifact, araline, FleurRochard, aethel, ... there are so many, seriously. I've been listening to their podfics constantly for the past few months; they've inspired me to start podficcing in the first place, and I just think their work is amazing.

05. How much podfic can you produce if you sit down and and work on it for an hour uninterrupted?

Only the recording or recording and editing? It depends on the fic, of course, and how many times I stumble over words or have to rerecord a sentence, but... not much. After an hour of recording, I usually have about 20 minutes of podfic.

06. First fic/pairing you recorded? (If no pairing, describe the plot)

Too Far Ahead. Sterek. It's a lovely story where Derek is some sort of God and watches Stiles for years, and then goes down to Earth to meet him...

07. Perfect circumstances, time, or motivation. Choose two.

When I have the day off and no plans whatsoever is ideal - but that happens so rarely that... yeah. It's a dream. But usually the perfect circumstances are days when I can leave work around 5, and Jil isn't planning on coming over.

08. What does podfic mean to you?

Creating it or listening to it? I'm just really glad I discovered podfic because I listen to it constantly in the car now, and I can't even imagine going back to listening to music the way I did before. Also, it introduces me to fics I never would've discovered otherwise, and... yeah, it means a lot to me.

09. Do you record - or want to record - things other than podfic?

Nope, I'm perfectly content just doing podfic.

10. How do you become inspired to record a story?

When I read the story and it just clicks. When I start thinking about how I'd read certain parts or what sound effects I could use while I'm reading it, and I love the story and just have this desire to spend more time with it and share it with more people.

11. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done for a podfic?

Ahahaha. The one I posted most recently - it had a line where Stiles moaned, "Oh God. Oh god oh god oh godohgodohodohgod." Or something. I tried to get it right, I really did, but it was SO HARD. I cracked myself up every two seconds because it just sounded so silly.

12. Is there a podfic you wish you had done better, and why?

I'm actually working on one right now that I'm feeling extreeeemely perfectionist about and I've already recorded and edited the entirety of it and now I kinda hate it and want to record it all over again, and... it's long. Four hours, so I don't think I have the energy to record the whole thing again. Ugh. But I love the fic, so... I gotta find some sort of compromise, I guess.

13. Rec your favorite podfic from another creator?

Just one? *weeps* Um. Probably... No Homo by chemm80. It's flawless.

14. Who are your favorite characters to record?

Stiles and Derek. Sometimes Peter - Jackson, too. I don't think I'm as good at all of them than other podficcers are but... Oh, and Lydia. Lydia's always fun.

15. Do you have a guilty pleasure in podfic?

Hmmm... I don't think so, nope. Oh... hmm. Idk if I would call it a guilty pleasure, but... nah, never mind.

16. Do you have the same routine for each podfic? What is it?

Read fic, love fic, ask permission to podfic (if necessary), put fic on Kindle, grab something to drink, hook up mic, and start recording. Record until my voice gives up. Also, curse and sigh and groan a lot when I get frustrated with my inability to get a sentence out right.

17. Would you describe yourself as a fast or slow podficcer?

I honestly have no idea how I compare to others. I would say... slow at recording, but fast at getting the finished product posted? I have no idea!

18. How old were you when you started podficcing? How long had you been in fandom?

I literally started just a few months ago, so... 27, like now.

19. Why did you start podficcing?

Because I felt like it. I love listening to podfics and there are still so many great stories out there that haven't been recorded, and I wanted to give it a try, so... I did.

20. Post a short clip of a podfic you’re proud of.

I don't have a clip, but I'm gonna direct you to my podfics on AO3 over here or on LJ at readbythilia :)

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Teen Wolf Convention... again!

Jul. 16th, 2015 | 11:47 am

It happened the weekend before last in Paris and it was so, so great!

I already typed this post once and was almost done with it and had it here in the LJ editor and figured, when it asks me if I want to restore the draft, I'll just click 'yes', right? So I did, but at some point, it lost the entire fucking post, aaargh! And it was a long one, so I'm kind of frustrated right now but… oh well. Lemme just try to remember everything again. -_-

So, click the spoiler link to read everything about the convention and look at my pretty, pretty pictures and let me tell you all about what happened when I met…

♥ Tyler Hoechlin
♥ Ian Bohen
♥ J.R. Bourne
♥ Dylan Sprayberry
♥ Cody Christian
♥ Arden Cho
♥ Holland Roden
♥ Ryan Kelley
♥ Max Carver
♥ Charlie Carver

[It. Was. AWESOME!]


So! On Friday, the 3rd, my mum and I had the day off, went to the hairdresser (it was necessary for me – I hadn't gone since December… which was incidentally just before my first Teen Wolf con LOL), and then in the evening, took the TGV (train) to Paris. The journey there was kind of awful because it was hot as fuck and for some reason, they didn't think it was necessary to turn on the AC??? Ugh. But we got there in one piece, and took the Métro to the Arc de Triomphe, where my mum thought the hotel was. And it wasn't that far away, but I still had to drag the suitcase through Paris for twenty minutes and in that heat, that wasn't fun.

At the hotel, we ended up getting a room with Eiffel Tower view, which was pretty neat. It was too late to go grab our tickets and stuff, so we just went out for a couple of drinks and then went to bed to get our beauty sleep.


The next morning, we were up and ready at eight to go register, and that all went pretty smoothly. Then we had breakfast, and finally made our way up to the first floor, where the convention was happening.

It began with the opening ceremony, which mostly consisted of the moderator/translator guy telling us what's what and putting down rules and stuff. Then, they showed a little trailer with clips from the show of all the guests and then finally brought in the cast a little after ten.

Our seats weren't that great – we were in row H, so we had lots of big heads in front of us and couldn't see all that well. There were two big screens behind the stage where they sometimes showed what was going on, but most of the time… not. So that wasn't ideal, and my pictures aren't that great but… oh well.

Two minutes later, the cast was gone again because the first autograph session was starting. People were split into two groups, basically – some had their autograph session on Saturday, others on Sunday. Naturally, mum and I had ours on Sunday, which then left us with a couple of hours of nothing to do on Sunday, pffft.

I used this time to buy photos for my autographs and ended up running into mariesen and chatting with her a bit, which was great! :)

Photoshoot: Dylan Sprayberry & Arden Cho

Then, around 12, I had to go take my first pictures. Differently than it was at the convention I went to in Düsseldorf, photos were being taken during the panels, so they announced on the screens behind the stage which groups had to get up and stand in line for the pictures. It worked out pretty well, but it was kind of frustrating not to be able to see the whole panels, you know?

Anyway, I stood in line for a relatively short time and was told to go stand in Dylan Sprayberry's line since it was shorter. When I got to the front, I was told that there would be no hugs or kisses, which is understandable – he's sixteen! At the time anyway. So I approached him, and he was so tiny and adorable I wanted to steal him :3 He seemed kind of reserved and unsure – you could tell that he's not as used to this whole thing yet as others are.

Our interaction was pretty short and uneventful – just the usual "Hi, how are you?s" and when the picture was taken, he said, "Nice to meet you," and that was it.


(you can click to see the huge, full-sized pic)

Then, I stood in Arden's line, and our interaction wasn't much more exciting than the one with Dylan. She's so tiny and beautiful, though, ugh, I look like a whale next to her. LOL! So… yeah.


Panel: Holland Roden, Ryan Kelley, Max & Charlie Carver

I didn't get to see much of this panel, unfortunately, but here are a few pictures I managed to take…



Lunch Break & Tombola

After that panel, we had about 45 minutes for lunch. We obviously couldn't go anywhere fancy, so we just got a few sandwiches, went back to our room to eat them, and then came back for the tombola where you could win a few photoshoots, meet & greets and autographs.

Obviously, I didn't win anything.

Then, there was more waiting, and then…

Panel: Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian & Arden Cho

I really don't remember the specifics of what was said during each panel, so I'm gonna skip this part and just show you some pictures…




During that panel, I once again had to leave for two more photoshoots.

Photoshoot: Holland Roden & Tyler Hoechlin

First, Holland. She was making an effort to speak French, so when I went over to her, she was like, "Bonjouuur, comment ça va?" and I was prepared for English, so… I replied in English. LOL Anyway, then she literally just threw her arms around me and threw herself into her pose and I was like, "omg, okay, I'm not ready", and I didn't know where to put MY arms, so… yep. After the picture was taken, she said, "Merci beaucoup," and I was like, "Thank YOU!" and then I left.


And then… Tyler. TYLER WAS THE BEST. I literally died a little. But… okay, let's start at the beginning. So I was standing in line, and got to the front, and the girl taking the tickets was like, "no kisses, no marriage proposals…" And I laughed and she was like, *shrugs* "It happens!" or something.

And then the girl in front of me was done, and I approached Tyler and he turned to me with that beautiful, BEAUTIFUL sunny smile of his, and he was like, "Hi, how are you?", and I was like, "Hi!" and probably a little breathless cause… ugh. Anyway, then he opened his arms and was like, "hug?" and I was like, YES, and then he wrapped his arms around me so gently and pulled me towards him, and I wrapped my arms around him as well. And then we were in that embrace, and he turned his head and looked at me, with his face literally just a few centimeters away from mine – if I'd leaned in, I could've kissed him – and then he looked into my eyes and said, "I like your glasses!"

And I was dead.

I think you can see how happy I was at that moment in the picture, but… god. If he hadn't melted my brain with what he said (and how he looked, and everything), I would've said, "Dude, you have the exact same glasses" or something, but… yeah. Too overwhelmed to say anything except, "thank you."

After the pic, he looked at me again and smiled and said thank you, and I said thank you and… I floated away.


This is literally my favourite picture ever. Ever. Ever ever ever. Ugh.

I was shaking and beaming like an idiot when I got back to my mum, and… I'll never forget that moment, seriously.

Panel: Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen & JR Bourne

Those three together are always fun, and this was the panel I'd been looking forward to the entire time. I was not disappointed. Also, Jesus, look at Ian in that fucking shirt!!! I really would've loved to take a picture with him in that, but sadly, my photoshoot with him wasn't till the next day…

Anyway… again, I don't remember the specifics but… pictures! Lots of them!








In the evening, there was a party but mum and I didn't go to it because it was like, €150 and it didn't seem worth it to spend that much money. So instead, we had pizza on the Champs-Élysées and then walked back to the hotel.


The next day, it again started at 10 with a brief opening ceremony, mostly to inform the people who hadn't been there on Saturday about everything they needed to know.


I wanted to get a couple of autographs for teganscrush, so my mum graciously offered to let me use her her tickets. She was actually glad because it would give her the opportunity to say "they're for a friend" instead of just "hi, how are you" or whatever.

So anyway, we stood in line, and waited. The room was SO CROWDED, it was insane. Finally, we made it to the front of the line and could line up again to get to the individual tables. We started with Sprayberry, since his line was the shortest at the time.

Dylan Sprayberry

Nothing much to say about him because he again seemed very quiet and reserved and didn't really make conversation (unless you initiated it, I guess). We got the standard, "Hi, how are you?" and he signed the autograph, and that was that.

Ryan Kelley

RYAN IS SUCH A SWEETIE, aaaah! Okay, so my mum went first, and we had a little paper with teganscrush's name on it, so he wouldn't write my mum's name, and when she approached and he looked at the paper, he was like, "Hi Candi!" And then mum went on to explain that the autograph is for a friend in the US, etc. and he seemed really interested and was like, "Oh, cool, where in the US?" and, yeah, he was really sweet and easy to talk to. My own interaction with him wasn't that special but… yeah, he was really sweet. :)

Ian Bohen

I have to say that I was a little more charmed by Ian at the last convention. It wasn't that he was rude or anything, but he was less willing to make conversation than in Düsseldorf in September. At least with us, Idk. He did give us his amazingly charming smile, of course, but… yeah. It was over fast.

JR Bourne

JR also called mum Candi before she cleared it up and he was very pleasant and friendly. Also, his smile is just as creepy in real life as it is on the show, hahaha. But he's really nice.

Tyler Hoechlin

Tyler is the absolute sweetest, god. As far as I remember, he also called mum Candi and she explained the whole 'for a friend' thing again. I didn't catch their whole interaction but he seemed extremely impressed that she was giving her autograph to a friend or something, and then he shook her hand??? Ugh, he's just really respectful and perfect and, ugh. I love him. Then it was my turn, and god, I don't even remember what exactly he said to me, but when he handed me the autograph back, we – okay, I know it sounds silly and that probably everyone claims this – but WE TOTALLY HAD A MOMENT. He looked at me with this smile for several seconds, his eyes shining, and… fuck, he's just unbelievably charming.

Charlie Carver

Okay, so remember when I said that I wasn't into the twins? I really wasn't into the twins. I didn't find them particularly attractive, didn't particularly like their characters – on Desperate Housewives or Teen Wolf – and when they were announced for the convention, I was like, meh. I would've rather had just about anyone else as a guest.

BUT. Now, after this convention, I've completely changed my mind about them. They were so much fun to talk to!

So, Charlie. I approached him, and he was like, "Bonjour, comment ça va?" (Did I mention that he's fluent in French? Cause he is). And then he looked down at my name and started writing, and then looked up and said, "Anne… c'est le prénom de ma mère." (It's my mother's first name), and I was like, "Oh, cool!" and… Idk, he didn't say much else, but that alone just kind of made me really like him.

The autographs say:

Candi, I'm sending you big kisses. xx, Charlie
Anne, thanks for everything and big kisses. Forever, Charlie

Max Carver

And then Max. When I approached the table, he looked up at me with this… smolder?? Idk, there really is no other way to describe that look; it was totally seductive, and I was like, 'um, okay, what now?' And then he started writing and when he handed the autograph back to me, he gave me that look again, and I just… what? LOL

And this is what he wrote on the autograph:

Anne! My magnificent flower! Infinite kisses, Max
Candi! Hoping to meet you! Kisses, Max

Either way… I now officially love the Carver twins. Huh.

After this one, my mum had to leave because we were running late and she had to go finish packing our suitcases and checking out and stuff, so she gave me the rest of the autograph pictures and tickets, so that I could get the rest of them on my own.

I don't know how long I stood in Holland's line, but… duuuuuuude. It moved sooooo slooooowly…

Holland Roden

But finally, I got to the front of the table and – Holland was really making an effort to speak French with everyone, which was sweet – and she was like, "Bonjour, comment ça va?" and stuff, and then she signed my autograph and stuff, and then moved on to Candi's, so I explained about it being for a friend in the US, and she was like, "Oh, is your friend French?" and I was like, "No, American…," and then she was like, "But she speaks French." And I was like, "No." And then she was adorably confused, and was like, "But you do." And I was like, "Yes." And then she was like, "And English." And she seemed extremely impressed by this? Idk, but she was adorable. ♥

She still ended up calling me her "French friend", but oh well. :))

Arden Cho

Getting Arden's autograph was pretty uneventful; she was sweet and stuff, but it didn't take particularly long.

Cody Christian

Cody was like, "Hi Candi!" And then I was like, "No." And then he was like, "But…" *points at paper with the name on it* and then I was like, "It's for a friend," and… that was about it.

After that – it probably took about an hour for me to get out of there from when my mum left, but I found her in the main room, talking to mariesen, haha. So we chatted for another few moments, and then had to go sit back down or something…

Panel: Ryan Kelley, Cody Christian & Dylan Sprayberry

Again, no specifics, but here are a few pictures:




During that panel, I once again had to leave for pictures…

Photoshoot: Ian Bohen & J.R. Bourne

First, I went to J.R. He was veeery friendly and… gentle. Idk, he pulled me over to him and was just… gentle. LOL The photographer told me to push a strand of my hair back, so I did, and JR glanced over at me, and when the picture was taken, I said, "Thank you," and he was like, "You're VERY welcome." It was sweet.


After that, I went to stand in Ian's line and… god, he's such a charming bastard. A girl in front of me asked for a picture where they were looking deep into each other's eyes or something, and… fuck, even I melted from my spot in the line!

I went over to him when it was my turn, and he was like, "hug?" and I was like, "yeah!" and then… I touched his hip, like, just… the muscles above his hip? Niiiiiice ;)

Anyway… picture!


Lunch & Tombola

Same as the day before, except this time, we didn't even bother to leave the hotel; just bought a croissant and ate that. LOL Didn't win anything in the tombola this time either.

Anyway, then there was another moment where nothing happened, and then they announced that group pictures were about to be taken on the large screens behind the stage, and then mum was like, "Maybe we should go take a group pic." And I eyed her and was like, "Really. You want to?" And then she changed her mind about 300 times before we finally went and bought the ticket.

Photoshoot: Group

We immediately went and stood in line, and mum was so nervous, it was cute. At that point, I wasn't really nervous at all anymore – which was great! The more pictures you take, the less nervous you are for each one. :)

Anyway, we heard the people before us talk about what kind of picture they want and I was like, "Okay, so what do you want?" And mum was like, "Idk, just… normal?" And I was like, okay. And then, "So, who do you want to stand next to?" And mum was like, "I don't know…" And then I was like, "Dude, it's our turn soon, we need to decide!" And then she was like, "Tyler." And I was like, "Okay, then I'll go sit on the chair then."

So then we approached, and I sat down between Max and JR, and Max looked at me and was like, "What do you want?" And I was like, "Uh… just, smiles." Or something, and then he yelled, "Normal!" And the picture was taken.

Then we got out and then mum told me about how she almost tripped over something on her way to Tyler and that Ian apparently muttered like, "Oh god," or something, and… now she doesn't particularly like him anymore. LOL! I'm sure it was just the, "Oh my god, be careful," sort of "Oh god," but… well.

Anyway, and then she asked me, "Do you have any idea who was on my other side? I completely ignored them!" And I was like, "Idk, I was in the front… Ryan?" LOL!! It was cute; she only had eyes for Tyler – and who can blame her? ;)


It's such a great picture, though, right??

After that, it was time fooor...

Panel: Arden Cho & Holland Roden

Just a couple of pics cause I'd forgotten to charge my battery and I wanted to save the rest of the next panel…



Again, I had to leave during this panel to go take my last picture...

Photoshoot: Ryan Kelley

RYAN IS SO AWESOME. I approached him and he was so smiley and happy and awesome, and after saying hi, he said, "hug?" And I said, "yeah," and then he just grabbed me and pulled me into a bone-crushing hug. I mean, you can see how tightly he's holding me! It was awesome. :)))


Then I went back to my mum; the Holland/Arden panel was over at that point, I believe - or almost.


Panel: Tyler Hoechlin, Ian Bohen and JR Bourne




And finally...

Panel: Max Carver and Charlie Carver

Unfortunately, my camera died sometime during the JR/Ian/Tyler panel, so I couldn't take pictures of the twins. :( Oh well. The panel was still extremely amusing.

Then, there was a brief-ish closing ceremony and then, the convention came to an end.

Mum and I left that same evening; we took the Métro back to the train station, hung out there a little, and then took the train back home. :)))

If you want to see more pictures, check out my album on FLICKR.

And now… Ughhh, I already miss them and now I'm eyeing the convention in Brussels in September. It's an addiction, seriously. And a pretty expensive one too, but… also totally worth it, as far as I'm concerned. I had such a great time, even though at this convention, I felt like there was a lot of waiting and I didn't see as much of the cast as I did in Düsseldorf in December.

I was going to make another post comparing the two conventions I've been to so far, both price-wise and organization-wise, so if you're interested in that, look out for my next post~

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Personality Test Results, Yay~

Jun. 26th, 2015 | 02:55 pm

Because I just love wasting time taking tests and I found a bunch of them on Tumblr :))

Zodiac Sign: Aries | Taurus | Gemini | Cancer | Leo | Virgo | Libra | Scorpio | Sagittarius | Capricorn | Aquarius | Pisces


Four Temperaments: Sanguine | Melancholic | Choleric | Phlegmatic

Celtic Zodiac: Birch (The Achiever) | Rowan (The Thinker) | Ash (The Enchanter) | Alder (The Trailblazer) | Willow (The Observer) | Hawthrone (The Illusionist) | Oak (The Stabilizer) | Holly (The Ruler) | Hazel (The Knower) | Vine (The Equalizer) | Ivy (The Survivor) | Reed (The Inquisitor) | Elder (The Seeker)

Soul Type (one test): Hunter | Caregiver | Creator | Thinker | Helper | Educator | Performer | Leader | Spiritualist

Hogwarts House: Gryffindor | Hufflepuff | Ravenclaw | Slytherin

Alignment: Lawful Good | Neutral Good | Chaotic Good | Lawful Neutral | True Neutral | Chaotic Neutral | Lawful Evil | Neutral Evil | Chaotic Evil

Dark Triad: Psychopathy | Machiavellianism | Narcissism

The Animal in You: Lion | Tiger | Dolphin | Bear | Wild Cat | Fox | Weasel | Badger | Dog | Otter | Wolf | Sea Lion | Wild Dog | Walrus | Gorilla | Deer | Rhinoceros | Hippo | Sable | Horse | Sheep | Mountain Goat | Warthog | Zebra | Baboon | Elephant | Bison | Giraffe | Cottontail | Mole | Bat | Porcupine | Beaver | Prairie Dog | Shrew | Mouse | Eagle | Rooster | Owl | Swan | Peacock | Vulture | Penguin | Crocodile | Snake

Life Path Number: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 11 | 22

Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30

Brain Lateralization Test: Left | Right


(Myers-Briggs is at the bottom cause it's ridiculously long~)

Four Temperaments: Sanguine

Your temperament is sanguine. The sanguine temperament is fundamentally spontaneous and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. They are usually quite creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. Sanguines generally have an almost shameless nature, certain that what they are doing is right. They have no lack of confidence.

Celtic Zodiac: Vine - The Equalizer

Vine signs are born within the autumnal equinox, which makes your personality changeable and unpredictable. You can be full of contradictions, and are often indecisive. But this is because you can see both sides of the story, and empathize with each equally. It is hard for you to pick sides because you can see the good points on each end. There are, however, areas in your life that you are quite sure about. These include the finer things of life like food, wine, music, and art. You have very distinctive taste, and are a connoisseur of refinement. Luxury agrees with you, and under good conditions you have a Midas touch for turning drab into dramatic beauty. You are charming, elegant, and maintain a level of class that wins you esteem from a large fan base. Indeed, you often find yourself in public places where others can admire your classic style and poise. Vine signs pair well with Willow and Hazel signs.

Soul Type: Thinker

Most Thinker types are cerebral, skeptical individuals, who often discount their emotions or intuition in favor of rational analysis. This intellectual approach to life can cause some Thinkers to appear restrained and unemotional to those around them. When hurt, they have to analyze or rationalize what happened before allowing themselves to feel their emotions. Once the emotions kick in, however, Thinkers can feel things as deeply as any other soul type.

A love of books is one of the most common markers for this soul type. In fact, librarians are almost always Thinker types, as are most scientists, writers, and college professors. That doesn’t mean that every Thinker ends up in a library or university. They can find their place anywhere in the world, though they can always be recognized by their analytical approach to life.

If you’re a Thinker, academic learning should come naturally to you, as should writing. You might find it useful to carry a notebook with you to help analyze your thoughts as they come. You will enjoy good one-on-one conversation, as this allows you to process your thoughts through discussion and analysis. Your life will be a constant search for knowledge and understanding.

Alignment: True Neutral

True Neutral- A true neutral character does what seems to be a good idea. He doesn't feel strongly one way or the other when it comes to good vs. evil or law vs. chaos. Most true neutral characters exhibit a lack of conviction or bias rather than a commitment to neutrality. Such a character thinks of good as better than evil after all, he would rather have good neighbors and rulers than evil ones. Still, he's not personally committed to upholding good in any abstract or universal way. Some true neutral characters, on the other hand, commit themselves philosophically to neutrality. They see good, evil, law, and chaos as prejudices and dangerous extremes. They advocate the middle way of neutrality as the best, most balanced road in the long run. True neutral is the best alignment you can be because it means you act naturally, without prejudice or compulsion. However, true neutral can be a dangerous alignment when it represents apathy, indifference, and a lack of conviction.

Dark Triad: Machiavellianism

Machiavellianism is a tendency to be manipulative and deceitful. It usually stems from a lack of respect or disillusionment for others.

The Animal In You: You are a Bat! Artistic - Reflective - Unpredictable

Scientific Name: Chiroptera
Collective Term: A cauldron of bats
Careers and Hobbies: Psychiatrist, Artist, Social Worker, Archeologist, Writer, Musician, Socializing, Philosophy
Celebrities: Nostradamus, Gypsy Rose Lee
But you might also be: Porcupine, Mountain Goat

This is a decidedly nonconformist creature, for as an airborne personality, the bat tends to look down at the conventions of the ground animals. And yet, since it is not a true bird and has not mastered the art of smooth controlled flight, it often appears awkward in social situations (hence the phrase "acting batty"). But as compensation for this social ungainliness, many bat personalities sport a built-in radar which enables them to intuitively read the motivations of others.

Identifying bat personalities is not difficult. Being nocturnal creatures, they come alive at night and can be spotted in underground clubs or dimly lit bars. They prefer the sanctuary of dark clothing and dark corners, and you'll never see a bat sporting a heavy tan. These are intelligent, spiritual, creative individuals who use their full range of senses (other than their poor eyesight) to carefully navigate their way through life.

Bats have a habit of flitting in and out of social situations, swooping down to interact briefly with others before quickly flying off to resume their bat lives. Unassertive and aloof, they'll take flight at the first hint of a confrontation to seek comfort in their personal spaces, generally decorated in unusual but expressive ways.

A sixth sense gives bats a number of advantages in their work, and their insightful nature enables them to understand others better than they understand themselves. This intuitiveness makes bats excellent psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and palm readers. They respond poorly to direction however, and function best as a sole practitioners in their own business. Preferring to work at night and sleep by day, a bat's job must be flexible enough to accommodate these unusual hours. A creative streak often finds them in the design and architectural fields, and their unique relationship with dark caves makes you a natural archeologist or spelunker.

Although the bat's spiritual side is always on display, they are not overly emotional. Because of their unusual and sometimes awkward approach to life they can sometimes have difficulty finding companions. However, bats respond well to anyone who shares their philosophical perspective, and they love spending long hours in deep conversation. Once they have successfully located a partner, bats prove to be both dependable and committed companions.

Life Path Number: 8

You are gifted with natural leadership and the capacity to accumulate great wealth.
You have great talent for management in all areas of life, especially in business and financial matters. You understand the material world; you intuitively know what makes virtually any enterprise work. Your talent lies not with the bookkeeping or petty management, but with the greater vision, it's purpose, and long range goals.

You Attract Financial Success
You are a visionary and a bit reckless. You possess the ability to inspire people to join you in your quest, but often they are incapable of seeing what you see. Therefore, those around you need your continual guidance, inspiration, and encouragement. You must prod them into action and direct them along the lines of your vision. You attract financial success more than any other Life Path, but effort is required.

Your challenge in life is to achieve a high degree of detachment, to understand that power and influence must be used for the benefit of mankind. Those born with the Number 8 Life Path who do not understand the real and relative value of money are bound to suffer the consequences of greed; they run the risk of losing it all! You must learn to bounce back from failures and defeats.

You May Also Attract Failure
You have the character and resilience of a true survivor. It is not uncommon for a person with your Life Path to experience major reverses, including bankruptcies, financial failure, but you also have the talent and the sheer guts to make more than one fortune, and build many successful enterprises. More than most people, your failures in marriage can be extremely expensive for you. Despite the difficulties that life presents, you will experience the satisfaction that comes from material wealth and the power that comes with it.

Your Best Careers
Business, finance, real estate, law, science (particularly history, archeology, and physics), publishing, and the management of large institutions are among the vocational fields that suit you best. You are naturally attracted to positions of influence and leadership - Politics, social work, and teaching are among the many other areas where your abilities can shine.

You are a good judge of character, which aids you well in attracting the right people to you. Most 8s like large families and sometimes tend to keep others dependent longer than necessary. Although jovial in nature you are not demonstrative in showing your love and affection. The desire for luxury and comfort is especially strong in you. Status is very important.

Stay Within Your Means
You must be careful to avoid living above your means. Your Life Path treads that dangerous ground where power lies - and can corrupt. You may become too self important, arrogant, and domineering, thinking that your way is the only way. This leads inevitably to isolation and conflict. The people you run the risk of hurting most are those you love, your family and friends.

Learn Patience
Be careful of becoming stubborn, intolerant, overbearing, and impatient. These characteristics may be born early in the life of an 8 Life Path, who often learn these negative traits after suffering under a tyrannical parent or a family burdened by repressive religious or intellectual dogmas. Those with the 8 Life Path usually possess a strong physique, which is a symptom of their inherent strength and resiliency.

Brain Lateralization: Left

Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven.

Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what's not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate effectively.

Overall you appear to be Left Brain Dominant

According to Darwinian theory, optimal evolution takes place with random variation and selective retention. The evolution savvy individual will try many different approaches when faced with a problem and select the best of those approaches. Many historical intellectuals have confessed their advantage was simply considering/exploring/trying more approaches than others. The left brain dominant type suffers from limited approaches, narrow-mindedness. The right brain dominant type suffers from too many approaches, scatterbrained. To maintain balanced hemispheres, you need to exercise both variability and selection. Just as a company will have more chance of finding a great candidate by increasing their applicant pool, an individual who considers a wider set of options is more likely to make quality decisions.

Myers-Briggs: ISFJ(-A) Personality (“The Defender”)

Introverted: 85% - Observant: 46% - Feeling: 26% - Judging: 4% - Assertive - 40%

The ISFJ personality type is quite unique, as many of their qualities defy the definition of their individual traits. Though possessing the Feeling (F) trait, ISFJs have excellent analytical abilities; though Introverted (I), they have well-developed people skills and robust social relationships; and though they are a Judging (J) type, ISFJs are often receptive to change and new ideas. As with so many things, people with the ISFJ personality type are more than the sum of their parts, and it is the way they use these strengths that defines who they are.

ISFJs are true altruists, meeting kindness with kindness-in-excess and engaging the work and people they believe in with enthusiasm and generosity.

There's hardly a better type to make up such a large proportion of the population, nearly 13%. Combining the best of tradition and the desire to do good, ISFJs are found in lines of work with a sense of history behind them, such as medicine, academics and charitable social work.

ISFJ personalities (especially Turbulent ones) are often meticulous to the point of perfectionism, and though they procrastinate, they can always be relied on to get the job done on time. ISFJs take their responsibilities personally, consistently going above and beyond, doing everything they can to exceed expectations and delight others, at work and at home.

We Must Be Seen to Be Believed

The challenge for ISFJs is ensuring that what they do is noticed. They have a tendency to underplay their accomplishments, and while their kindness is often respected, more cynical and selfish people are likely to take advantage of ISFJs' dedication and humbleness by pushing work onto them and then taking the credit. ISFJs need to know when to say no and stand up for themselves if they are to maintain their confidence and enthusiasm.

Naturally social, an odd quality for Introverts, ISFJs utilize excellent memories not to retain data and trivia, but to remember people, and details about their lives. When it comes to gift-giving, ISFJs have no equal, using their imagination and natural sensitivity to express their generosity in ways that touch the hearts of their recipients. While this is certainly true of their coworkers, whom people with the ISFJ personality type often consider their personal friends, it is in family that their expressions of affection fully bloom.
If I Can Protect You, I Will

ISFJ personalities are a wonderful group, rarely sitting idle while a worthy cause remains unfinished. ISFJs' ability to connect with others on an intimate level is unrivaled among Introverts, and the joy they experience in using those connections to maintain a supportive, happy family is a gift for everyone involved. They may never be truly comfortable in the spotlight, and may feel guilty taking due credit for team efforts, but if they can ensure that their efforts are recognized, ISFJs are likely to feel a level of satisfaction in what they do that many other personality types can only dream of.

ISFJ Strengths and Weaknesses
ISFJ Strengths

Supportive – ISFJs are the universal helpers, sharing their knowledge, experience, time and energy with anyone who needs it, and all the more so with friends and family. People with this personality type strive for win-win situations, choosing empathy over judgment whenever possible.
Reliable and Patient – Rather than offering sporadic, excited rushes that leave things half finished, ISFJs are meticulous and careful, taking a steady approach and bending with the needs of the situation just enough to accomplish their end goals. ISFJs not only ensure that things are done to the highest standard, but often go well beyond what is required.
Imaginative and Observant – ISFJs are very imaginative, and use this quality as an accessory to empathy, observing others' emotional states and seeing things from their perspective. With their feet firmly planted on the ground, it is a very practical imagination, though they do find things quite fascinating and inspiring.
Enthusiastic – When the goal is right, ISFJs take all this support, reliability and imagination and apply it to something they believe will make a difference in people's lives – whether fighting poverty with a global initiative or simply making a customer's day.
Loyal and Hard-Working – Given a little time, this enthusiasm grows into loyalty – ISFJ personalities often form an emotional attachment to the ideas and organizations they've dedicated themselves to. Anything short of meeting their obligations with good, hard work fails their own expectations.
Good Practical Skills – The best part is, ISFJs have the practical sense to actually do something with all this altruism. If mundane, routine tasks are what need to be done, ISFJs can see the beauty and harmony that they create, because they know that it helps them to care for their friends, family, and anyone else who needs it.

ISFJ Weaknesses

Humble and Shy – The meek shall inherit the earth, but it's a long road if they receive no recognition at all. This is possibly ISFJs' biggest challenge, as they are so concerned with others' feelings that they refuse to make their thoughts known, or to take any duly earned credit for their contributions. ISFJs' standards for themselves are also so high that, knowing they could have done some minor aspect of a task better, they often downplay their successes entirely.
Take Things Too Personally – ISFJs have trouble separating personal and impersonal situations – any situation is still an interaction between two people, after all – and any negativity from conflict or criticism can carry over from their professional to their personal lives, and back again.
Repress Their Feelings – People with the ISFJ personality type are private and very sensitive, internalizing their feelings a great deal. Much in the way that ISFJs protect others' feelings, they must protect their own, and this lack of healthy emotional expression can lead to a lot of stress and frustration.
Overload Themselves – Their strong senses of duty and perfectionism combine with this aversion to emotional conflict to create a situation where it is far too easy for ISFJs to overload themselves – or to be overloaded by others – as they struggle silently to meet everyone's expectations, especially their own.
Reluctant to Change – These challenges can be particularly hard to address since ISFJ personalities value traditions and history highly in their decisions. A situation sometimes needs to reach a breaking point before ISFJs are persuaded by circumstance, or the strong personality of a loved one, to alter course.
Too Altruistic – This is all compounded and reinforced by ISFJs' otherwise wonderful quality of altruism. Being such warm, good-natured people, ISFJs are willing to let things slide, to believe that things will get better soon, to not burden others by accepting their offers of help, while their troubles mount unassisted.

ISFJ Relationships

When it comes to romantic relationships, ISFJs' kindness grows into a joy that is only found in taking care of their family and home, in being there for emotional and practical support whenever it's needed. Home is where the heart is for people with the ISFJ personality type, and in no other area of their lives do they strive with such dedication to create the harmony and beauty they wish to see in the world.

The trouble is, these are the benefits of an established long-term relationship, and ISFJs' unbearable shyness means it can take a long time to reach this point. ISFJs are most attractive when they are simply being themselves in a comfortable environment such as work, where their natural flow shows this kindness and dedication. Relationships built on established familiarity are a warm prospect for ISFJs – they take dating seriously and only enter into relationships that have a real chance of lasting a lifetime.
Our Upward Course Is Due to Our Soundness of Heart

ISFJs' shyness and sensitivity shield what are, beneath the surface, incredibly strong feelings. While not always obvious to others, this river of emotion can't be taken lightly or for granted – ISFJ personalities can value the idea of committed romance almost as highly as some regard religious beliefs. Hard as it may be, if either dating partner doubts their feelings, they must part ways before real emotional damage is done.

As their relationships do progress, ISFJs often continue to struggle with emotional expression, but they have the opportunity to let physical affection stand in for their loving words. People with this personality type take no greater joy than in pleasing others, often even considering this a personal duty, and this applies to intimacy as well. While dutiful sex may not sound especially attractive in those specific terms, intimacy is tremendously important to ISFJs, and they spare no effort in this department.

Nor is the pleasure they take in ensuring their partners' happiness limited to the bedroom – ISFJs spend an enormous amount of time and energy finding ways to keep their relationship satisfying for their partners. All they ask in return is commitment, love and, perhaps most of all, appreciation.
Like All the Best Families, We Have Our Disagreements...

However, not everyone is prepared to pay even that small price for the benefit of ISFJs' kindness. If their partners aren't willing or able to express this thanks, or worse still are openly critical of their ISFJ partners, they will find that, given time and pressure, all of those repressed emotions can burst forth in massive verbal attacks that all the future regret in the world won't blunt.

These outbursts are something to watch out for, but the more pervasive issue in ISFJs' relationships is that it can be too easy for their altruism and kindness to be taken advantage of, maybe even without their partners realizing it, while leaving ISFJs' own needs and dreams unfulfilled. This is something that ISFJs' partners, and ISFJ personalities themselves, must look after if they want the sort of long, fulfilling relationships they dream about. Expressing appreciation is often more than just the right words, it is reciprocation.
If these couples can manage this balance of mutual appreciation and goal-setting, they will come to find that the best ISFJ qualities emerge later in the relationship, as they work towards establishing families and homes together.

While perfectly capable in the workplace and among friends, ISFJs' true passions lie in taking care of their families, from playing with their children to the mundane needs of the household, efforts ISFJs are only too happy to contribute.

ISFJs are trustworthy, loyal, loving and faithful and nothing brings them more joy than the commitment of an appreciative and thriving relationship. The best matches are those who share these sensibilities, namely those who share the Observant (S) trait, with one or two opposing traits to ensure that both partners have room to grow, develop and help each other along, 'til the end of their days.

ISFJ Friends

Given how generous ISFJs are with their warm praise and support, it's not surprising that others enjoy their company enough to call them friends. The challenge is to be considered a friend back – people with the ISFJ personality type are shy and a little protective of themselves, but they also need to be able to connect on a deeper emotional level. It makes sense then that most of ISFJs' friends are made not by random encounters on a wild night out, but through comfortable and consistent contact, as in class or in the workplace where they have the time to get to know each other little by little.
A lot of what establishes and deepens ISFJs' friendships is the mutual support, advice and reassurance that the friends give each other.

ISFJs need a lot of positive feedback, and admitting this need certainly shows vulnerability, but if that vulnerability is well handled, it creates the deep bonds that ISFJ personalities look for. If badly handled or not reciprocated, it's hard to see the burgeoning friendship surviving without quite a bit of extra effort.

Yet, as their friendships develop, ISFJs' sense of loyalty may push them to lean ever more on themselves to meet their friends' needs, to the point of neglecting their own. ISFJs show this in a few ways, from going clearly out of their ways to stick to even trivial commitments, to simply not wanting to disagree or say no for fear of causing turbulence. More cynical types would call this naïve, and may even take advantage of ISFJs' altruism – but these are hardly the type of people who could be called “friends”, and they have no business being discussed here.
To What Greater Inspiration and Counsel Can We Turn?

The real friends, those close inner circles, are the ones ISFJs truly cherish for their quality of character and quality of discussion. Strangely for an Observant (S) type, ISFJs almost always have an Intuitive (N) friend among them, despite the implicit communication barriers. It's really not that odd though – these close friends are who ISFJs discuss deeper, more important matters with, and the quality of thought that Intuitives bring with them gives ISFJs' an impression of limitless depth, mystery and wisdom.

People with the ISFJ personality type aren't particularly picky about what personality types they make friends with, at least not initially, but because they prefer so strongly to avoid conflict and miscommunication, most of their friends end up being fairly similar types – fellow Introverted and Extraverted Feeling Sentinels (ISFJ and ESFJ). Thinking types are simply too critical, and Prospecting types too unreliable to really be able to provide, and receive, the kind of support and affinity ISFJs look for.

ISFJ Parents

ISFJs' warmth and care make parenting something that often comes naturally to them. Many people with this personality type feel like parenting is the task they were born for, taking no small pleasure in the sense of personal importance and responsibility they feel in ensuring that their children grow up to be healthy, confident and successful. At the same time, ISFJs are anything but arrogant, and will hardly take their natural skill in this department for granted.

From the start, ISFJs' altruism is apparent in their approach towards their children, ensuring that they have a safe, stable environment filled with love, care and support. In their children's younger years, ISFJs' patience comes in very handy as well, as their children learn to become more independent and self-deterministic, testing any limit they can find.
Seeing the World in Its True Light
It is this transition though, from the utter dependence of infants, to the insatiable exploration of toddlers and young children, to the rejection of authority of adolescents that ISFJs are taken by surprise.

Very traditional personality types, ISFJs accept historic standards, with clearly defined roles as parents and children. They view their role, and often rightly so, as the imparter of their own wisdom and values, ensuring that their children understand the importance of dedication and responsibility.

What many ISFJ parents may not realize is that more independent children often reject the seemingly overbearing love and support that make ISFJ personalities such wonderful parental figures. They wish to determine their own values and make their own choices, and ISFJs' good intentions can make them feel like every aspect of their lives is sealed off and controlled. All the while, ISFJ parents must ensure that more dependent children, who are willing to lean on all of this care and support rather than rebel against it, do not take these admirable qualities for granted, neglecting their own independence entirely.
Do Right, Even if We Suffer in so Doing

ISFJs are uncomfortable when their children don't behave as expected, and oftentimes more insightful children see, and sometimes exploit, this potential weakness with tantrums and mind games. It takes a strong will for ISFJs to put their foot down and teach clear and reasonable boundaries and values, while at the same time affording their children the freedom to grow and develop on their own.

Parenting is not easy for any personality type, not if they're doing it right, but ISFJs do have the advantage of not just being caring, but being thoughtful and responsible in how they administer that care. Often seen as ideal parents, people with the ISFJ personality type are able to be there for their children, but to also know that there's more to people than meets the eye, and to respect those differences – if not always to understand them.

ISFJ Careers

In many ways, ISFJs are the backbone of the modern workforce. Altruistic and well-rounded, no other personality type is so well-suited to be of service of others. It is no surprise that many ISFJs are not just good at supporting their coworkers and customers in human resources and support positions, they genuinely enjoy it, as it gives them the chance to calm frustrations, see things through to a practical solution, and to be thanked, appreciated, at the close of each ordeal.
Be Humble and Earnest

ISFJs are skilled at remembering things about others which makes them not only valuable assistants, but well-liked colleagues. People with the ISFJ personality type can always be counted on to remember a birthday, a graduation, or simply a frequent customers' name, and that can make all the difference. Add to these amiable qualities ISFJs' meticulousness, hard work and dedication, and it's no surprise that their careers often progress smoothly, with few of the ups and downs that accompany more high-flying types.

However, ISFJs are unlikely to actively seek out managerial positions, and are still more unlikely to brag about their accomplishments. ISFJ personalities prefer to be rewarded by seeing first-hand the positive impact of their efforts, and will remain enthusiastic simply knowing that what they do is genuinely appreciated by the people they care for. This makes them natural counselors, technical support, and interior designers, where they are able to help others one-on-one without having to worry about corporate politics.
Whether they seek promotion or not it happens often enough, as ISFJs' ability to implement ideas and “create order from chaos” is bound to make an impression.

Respecting tradition and security, ISFJs have no problem with the idea of moving along in a structured hierarchy, and while they may not always seek out these managerial positions, they fill them well. ISFJs are well-tuned to others' emotions and have a strong sense of practicality, extending their own ability to get things done to their teams.

Where ISFJs struggle is in generating new ideas and in grasping abstract concepts – fields like academic research and corporate strategy are too intangible and too impersonal to utilize ISFJs' strengths. Similar challenges arise in more typical careers when changes are forced through by ISFJs' employers – advance warning and a proper explanation can help to smooth the shock, but if the changes cut back on things like the quality of customer service, it can feel like a betrayal in the face of their loyalty and dedication.
Live Pleasantly and Do Good

Strong, well-developed institutions alongside like-minded friends are attractive workplaces for people with the ISFJ personality type, and careers as nurses, elementary school teachers and social and religious workers are attractive options. Sometimes the desire to help others is enough in itself – it's not uncommon to find ISFJs volunteering and helping the community at shelters, food banks and their children's schools. ISFJs are warm, service-oriented people, and hardly anyone is more welcome in these (and many, many other) roles.

ISFJ in the Workplace

Whether subordinate, colleague or manager, ISFJs share the goal of putting good service and dedication above all else. Whether helping customers directly, helping coworkers get projects finished on time or helping teams keep organized and productive, people with the ISFJ personality type can always be relied on for their kindness and ability to listen to concerns, and to find ways to resolve them. Win-win situations are ISFJs' bread and butter, and no one takes quite the same pleasure in finding satisfying resolutions to day-to-day challenges.
ISFJ Subordinates

As subordinates, ISFJs exemplify the strength of humble dedication. Relied on and respected for their patience and commitment, ISFJ personalities really only seek one reward for their work: the satisfaction of knowing that whoever they helped feels heartfelt thanks. On the other hand, this humbleness can hold them back – ISFJs are quite unwilling to advertise their achievements, often for fear of creating unnecessary friction, which makes it too easy for them to be overlooked when opportunities come along.

ISFJs are people of incredible loyalty, often trying to follow favored managers to new positions and locations. This contrasts with their usual feelings on change which, if it compromises their principles (as cutbacks to customer care might), is met with stress and unhappiness. Though perfectly capable of accepting change, ISFJs must feel that it's for the right reasons. If a policy change results in disappointed customers, ISFJs take it very personally.
ISFJ Colleagues

Among their colleagues, people with this personality type seek a frictionless environment, a spirit of friends helping friends to get the job done. Close-knit and supportive teams are what ISFJs enjoy most, allowing them to express their altruistic spirit among people who rely on their dedication and warmth. ISFJs are natural networkers, but they use this skill to keep things running smoothly, not as a tool for professional advancement.

These qualities can be drawbacks though, as ISFJs' aversion to conflict and desire to help can be abused by less scrupulous colleagues. Instead of only asking help when they need it, some may ask for help when they just don't feel like working hard, knowing that their ISFJ colleagues have a hard time saying no. The result is that ISFJs can become overburdened and stressed, and it takes a few good workplace friends to put pressure on these less savory characters in order to maintain balance.
ISFJ Managers

While management isn't necessarily at the top of ISFJs' list of goals, it is a natural progression as their hard work and good people skills are recognized over the years. Oftentimes they don't actually enjoy managing others, but this can be one of their greatest strengths – as managers, ISFJs are warm, approachable and great listeners. Having no real desire to issue authoritarian dictates from some high tower, ISFJ personalities prefer to work alongside their subordinates, organizing people and minimizing conflict.

This helps them to create personal relationships with their subordinates, to be friends in the workplace who simply have different sets of responsibilities. While they may be slow to accept some changes, they are great at helping their teams put them into practice once they've been agreed on. ISFJs may be too sensitive to be fully executive material, but they make exemplary floor and office managers who know what it takes to satisfy their customers.


Few personality types are as practical and dedicated as ISFJs. Known for their reliability and altruism, ISFJs are good at creating and maintaining a secure and stable environment for themselves and their loved ones. ISFJs' dedication is invaluable in many areas, including their own personal growth.

Yet ISFJs can be easily tripped up in areas where their kindness and practical approach are more of a liability than an asset. Whether it is finding (or keeping) a partner, learning to relax or improvise, reaching dazzling heights on the career ladder, or managing their workload, ISFJs need to put in a conscious effort to develop their weaker traits and additional skills.

What you have read so far is just an introduction into the complex concept that is the ISFJ personality type. You may have muttered to yourself, "wow, this is so accurate it's a little creepy" or "finally, someone understands me!" You may have even asked "how do they know more about me than the people I'm closest to?"

This is not a trick. You felt understood because you were. We've studied how ISFJs think and what they need to reach their full potential. And no, we did not spy on you – many of the challenges you've faced and will face in the future have been overcome by other ISFJs. You simply need to learn how they succeeded.

But in order to do that, you need to have a plan, a personal roadmap. The best car in the world will not take you to the right place if you do not know where you want to go. We have told you how ISFJs tend to behave in certain circumstances and what their key strengths and weaknesses are. Now we need to go much deeper into your personality type and answer "why?", "how?" and "what if?"

This knowledge is only the beginning of a lifelong journey. Are you ready to learn why ISFJs act in the way they do? What motivates and inspires you? What you are afraid of and what you secretly dream about? How you can unlock your true, exceptional potential?

Our premium profiles provide a roadmap towards a happier, more successful, and more versatile YOU! They are not for everyone though – you need to be willing and able to challenge yourself, to go beyond the obvious, to imagine and follow your own path instead of just going with the flow. If you want to take the reins into your own hands, we are here to help you.

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...you tend to do things in a slow and steady way?
...you often try to achieve unrealistic goals and then feel bad when you fail?
...you tend to be self-conscious and anxious in some situations?
...you seem to have an unsettling “dark side” that only comes out in rare circumstances?

Do any of these sound familiar? You know your personality type. Now achieve what you have always wanted to achieve without compromising who you really are.

Your Personal Blueprint

Because sometimes only 1 to 2 percent of the population shares a specific personality type, we surveyed hundreds of representatives of all types, listened to their stories, combed through statistical data, and fine-tuned our advice. The results of these efforts are now at your fingertips in the form of our premium personality profiles.

All profiles are around 100 pages long and will answer any questions you may have about your personality type. Learn how to use your strengths, increase your self-confidence, improve your relationships, and discover your ideal career and personal development paths. Our profile will be your guide and your blueprint.

Download your premium profile today and treat yourself to a transformational, inspiring experience. This is not just another e-book - this is an intensive course on life that will prepare you for exactly the kind of challenges you are likely to face.

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Answer for question 4358.

May. 8th, 2015 | 05:10 pm

How do you feel about e-readers? Would you rather read an actual, physical book? Why do you prefer one over the other?
I like both equally, I think? I usually buy the e-version and if I really liked it, think I might read it again and it has a pretty cover, I'll buy the physical copy (preferably hardcover) as well. Or, well... I haven't actually done that yet but there are several books/series that I'm planning on buying at some point in the future.

What I like about Kindles though is that you don't have to wait days for the book to be delivered and you can start reading right away, and with AO3's handy download function, you can read fics on it as well.

As for the actual reading experience... each option has its advantages.

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Apr. 17th, 2015 | 06:44 pm

I actually felt... like checking LJ...?

I know! I'm as surprised as you are. But I felt like it, so I gave in to the urge~ and ended up spending a lot of time on my "manage flist" page. I unfriended a bunch of people (most of them hadn't updated since like, 2011-2012) and unfollowing pretty much every community I was still following, and then following a bunch of new ones that are closer to my current interests, and basically just attempting to turn LJ into a place where I want to be again. If this doesn't work, I'm out of ideas LOL

Now I have to decide what to do about my own communities and whether to keep them or hand them over to someone who still gives a damn, and write a new profile text, maybe, and decide whether to update or just delete my fic masterlist... yeah.

Anyway... what's new? In RL... not much. I like work a lot better at the moment since I have more people my own age to hang out with, and I may have a little crush on a co-worker (maybe, possibly, because I don't even know what a crush feels like anymore, tbh), and for a while I felt like he was totally flirting with me, but meh, I think he's just being friendly. Oh well. Not like I would ever do anything about it anyway, so I'll just wait and see and analyze the situation some more.

Fandom-wise... Teen Wolf is pretty much my only interest at the moment. I'm reading fics daily, reblogging a lot of it, reading tons of meta about it and listening to podfics in the car to and from work every day. I also draw Teen Wolf (though I have a bit of an art block at the moment, grrr) and am currently participating in twreversebang and am signed up for Steter Big Bang on Tumblr.

I've also written a little Steter fic here, mostly just because I wanted to finally fucking post some fic again. I'm working on several really long ones that... I have no idea when I'm ever going to finish them cause I work on them so rarely that I'm not making much progress.

I've also sort of started podficcing??? I'm still figuring things out, trying to find the best recording quality, etc. but to start off, I recorded WhoNatural's Too Far Ahead here, if you wanna give it a listen and give me some concrit, Idk.

[Anyway... yeah. Have a dumb selfie I took a few weeks ago~]

I really just wanted to show off how long my hair's gotten, heh.

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2014 - Books & Fics

Dec. 31st, 2014 | 08:58 pm


[books & fics]


Marie Lu
Percy Jackson and the
Lightning Thief
Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the
Sea of Monsters
Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the
Titan's Curse
Rick Riordan
Wolfgang Herrndorf
Percy Jackson and the
Battle of the Labyrinth
Rick Riordan
Percy Jackson and the
Last Olympian
Rick Riordan
Heroes of Olympus
The Lost Hero
Rick Riordan
Heroes of Olympus
The Son of Neptune
Rick Riordan
Heroes of Olympus
The Mark of Athena
Rick Riordan
City of Heavenly Fire
Cassandra Clare
Mansfield Park
Jane Austen

This is a list of all the fics I've read and reread (* means reread) and podfics I've listened to over the course of the year. It's not exactly a rec list since it contains everything I've read, whether good or not that great. If you actually go through the list, you'll see a lot of rereads around the end of the year; that's because I sometimes read a fic and then read it again, aloud to my mum, heh. So... here we go.

FICS (read)


01. It Don't Mean A Thing If I Give You My Heart (If You Tear It Apart) | Big Time Rush - Lucy/Mercedes - NC-17
02. Little Red Logan And The Big Bad James | Big Time Rush - Kames - PG-13
03. Tie Me Down Or I Will Run (Tie Me Down And I Will Run) | Big Time Rush - Kames, Kenlos, etc. - NC-17 (WIP)
04. Loud And Out Of Key | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - NC-17
05. Fidelity | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - R
06. Whatever Happens | Big Time Rush - Kames - R
07. Fraternization | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - NC-17
08. Like A Fury to the Vicious Mind | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - NC-17
09. Pretty Boy | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - R
10. Never Have I Ever | Big Time Rush - Kendall/Jett - NC-17
11. Atlas Hands | Big Time Rush - Kames, Kenmille - PG-13
12. Make It Gold | Big Time Rush - Kames, Kenmille - PG-13
13. I Loved You Then (And I Love You Now) | Big Time Rush - Kames - G
14. The Taste That Your lips Allow | Big Time Rush - Kames - G
15. Lionheart | Big Time Rush - Kames - PG-13
16. Give Me Mouth To Mouth | Big Time Rush - Kames - R
17. Stardust | Big Time Rush - Kames - G
18. Evil Don't Look Like Anything | Big Time Rush - Kames - PG-13
19. It's So Hard To Breathe | Big Time Rush - Kames - R
20. Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away | Big Time Rush - Jett - G
21. This Boy's Life Among The Electrical Lights | Big Time Rush - Kames - NC-17
22. The Get Go | Big Time Rush - Jett - G
23. Civilian | Big Time Rush - Kames - NC-17
24. Long Neon Nights | Big Time Rush - Kames - NC-17
25. A Song You'll Regret | Big Time Rush - Jagan, Kames - R
26. And Our Time, And Our Blood | Big Time Rush - Jagan, Kames - R
27. Until The Devil Turns To Dust | Big Time Rush - Kenlos, Kames, Jagan - R
28. We Trudged Along Through The Mud (And We Tried To Call It Home) | Big Time Rush - Kames - PG-13
29. We Don't Dive (We Cannonball) | Big Time Rush - Kames - NC-17
30. Sushi | Big Time Rush - Kames - G


31. Living Proof | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
32. Jack of Diamonds | White Collar - Peter/Neal - R
33. A Sure Thing | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
34. The Right Direction (is everything) | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
35. Phone Sex | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
36. i trust you (to make my darkest dreams come true) | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
37. Love And Other Clothing Disasters | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
38. Somewhere I Have Never Traveled | White Collar - Peter/Neal(/Elizabeth) - R
39. Fortune's Just A One-Night Stand | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
40. Join the Dots | White Collar - Peter/Neal - NC-17
41. Red Velvet | White Collar - Peter/Neal - R


42. An Anagrammatical Theory of Subtext by Ryugazaki Rei | Free! - Rei/Nagisa - NC-17
43. XO | Free! - Rei/Nagisa - PG-13
44. In Your Atmosphere | BTR - Jagan, Kogan - PG-13




45. Kiss A Boy In Tokyo Town | PJO/HOO - Percico - PG-13
46. Dungeons and Jason | PJO/HOO - Jasico - PG-13
47. Rollercoasters | PJO/HOO - Jasico - G
48. What Colour Is The Sea | PJO/HOO - Perjasico - R
49. How Deep Is The River | PJO/HOO - Reynabeth - G
50. Where The Lake Ends | PJO/HOO - Pipalypso - G


51. Customer Service | PJO/HOO - Jasico - R
52. wandering limbs | GOT - Daenerys/Drogo - NC-17
53. What Could Have Happened | GOT - Daenerys/others - NC-17
54. Eight Days a Week (I Love You) | Free! - Rei/Nagisa - PG-13


55. Birthday Secrets | HP - Harry/Draco - NC-17
56. First Love | HP - Scorpius/Harry, Harry/Draco - NC-17
57. This | HP - Bill/Ginny - NC-17
58. All In The Family | HP - Harry/Lily, sort of - NC-17
59. Midnight Delight | HP - Draco/Pansy/Theo - NC-17
60. Baby It's The First Time | HP - Scorpius/Albus/Lily - NC-17
61. Come Together, Over me | HP - Lily, Scorpius/Albus - NC-17
62. Blow Me Down, Baby | HP - Lily/Albus/Scorpius - NC-17
63. Safe | HP - Lily/Albus/Scorpius - NC-17
64. Turns | Free! - SouMako - NC-17
65. baby, you're a death trap | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
66. Show me your teeth | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
67. A Type of Painful Pleasure | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
68. For Him | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
69. Lingering Taste of Rum & Raisin | Free! - SouHaru - R
70. Displacement | Free! - SouHaru - R
71. A Little Game of Cat & Mouse | Free! - SouHaru - R
72. 50 Shades of Insomnia | BTR - Kogan - R
73. Friends Don't Let Friends | Free! - SouMako - NC-17
74. Underwater | Free! - SouMako - G
75. Small Steps | Free! - SouMako - G
76. Captain's Log | Free! - SouMako - G
77. secrets can be shared | Free! - RinGou - NC-17
78. Homecoming | Free! - RinGou - NC-17
79. Operation: Captain Friendship | Free! - SouMako - G
80. What's so great about Haruka Nanase anyway? | Free! - SouHaru - G
81. 505 (what did you expect?) | Free! - multiple - PG-13
82. Untitled | Free! - SouMako - G
83. I Can Make You Famous On Instagram | 1D - Ziall - PG-13
84. A Truth Universally Acknowledged | PJO/HOO - Jasico - PG-13
85. And then he decides | Free! - multiple - G
86. Cat Fight | Free! - SouHaru - PG
87. Hard Work | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
88. What was once Lost | Free! - Rinharu, Reinagi - G
89. The Smolder and the Glow | Free! - SouMako - R
90. take a deep breath | Free! - SouHaru - NC-17
91. Dirty Cop | Free! - SouMako - NC-17
92. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes | Free! - SouMako - NC-17
93. Sousuke's Jacket | Free! - SouMako - NC-17
94. DILF | TW - Sterek - NC-17
95. Lock All The Doors Behind You | TW - Sterek - R
96. Prince Among Wolves | TW - Sterek - NC-17


97. No Homo | TW - Sterek - NC-17
98. Divided We Stand | TW - Sterek - R
99. Bones Straining Under the Weight | TW - Sterek - NC-17
100. Don't Worry Baby | TW - Sterek - NC-17
101. Alpha Spikes | TW - Sterek - NC-17
102. Gravity's Got Nothing On You | TW - Sterek - NC-17
103. Darling It Is No Joke | TW - Sterek - NC-17
104. all you're giving me is friction | TW - Sterek - R
105. Mating Habits of the Domesticated North American Werewolf | TW - Sterek - R
106. How to Date Your Best Friend's Brother | TW - Sterek - NC-17
107. Into the Dark | TW - Steter - NC-17
108. Clever Boy | TW - Steter - NC-17
109. Head Games | TW - Steter - NC-17
110. Roommate Wanted: No Supernatural Creatures Allowed | TW - Steter - NC-17
111. Getting Schooled | TW - Steter - NC-17
112. let's get unprofessional | TW - Steter - NC-17
113. betrayed by bones | TW - Steter - NC-17
114. come get me (if you want me) | TW - Steter - NC-17


115. Do It Like Nobody's Around | BTR - Jamille - NC-17
116. Be Elusive, But Don't Walk Far | HP - Draco/Albus - NC-17
117. A Match Made in a Room Adjacent to Heaven | TW - Steter - R
118. Every Step You Take | TW - Sterek - R
119. Electricity In the Contact | TW - Sterek - NC-17
120. [Sleep]Walking After You | TW - Sterek - R
121. A Strong Heart and a Nerve of Steel | TW - Sterek - NC-17
122. To Have Outlived the Night | TW - Sterek - R
123. Patterns of Intention | TW - Sterek - NC-17
124. Dude, Werewolves | TW - NC-17
125. 'Linski's Late Night Antidote To Lame | TW - Sterek - PG-13
126. The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down | TW - Sterek - R
127. Losers | TW - Sterek - R
128. The Well of Living Waters | TW - Sterek - NC-17
129. Open the Door | TW - Sterek - PG-13
130. There is a Brotherhood | TW - Sterek - NC-17
131. Your Lifelong Membership is Free | TW - Sterek - NC-17
132. The Boy and the Beast | TW - Sterek - R
133. The truth about love (comes at 3 AM) | TW - Sterek - NC-17
134. Pack Up; Don't Stray | TW - Sterek - NC-17
135. Cherrybomb | TW - Sterek - NC-17
136. the lunch table configuration | TW - Sterek - NC-17
137. Dating Backwards | TW - Sterek - NC-17
138. Cross our bridges when we come to them | TW - Sterek - R
139. Jump Then Fall | TW - Sterek - NC-17
140. The Worst Thing I Ever Did | TW - Sterek - NC-17
141. Not Your Disney Romance | TW - Sterek - R


142. Just Act Normal | TW - Sterek - NC-17
143. Reluctant Allies With Benefits | TW - Steter - NC-17
144. Teeth | TW - Steter - NC-17
145. The Chemistry Between Us | TW - Sterek - NC-17
146. Beauty and the Ex | TW - Sterek - R
147. Cornerstone | TW - Sterek - NC-17
148. Kaleidoscope | TW - Sterek - NC-17
149. Mate to Your Soul: The Online Dating Site for all your Heart's Desires | TW - Sterek - NC-17
150. The Sundering Kiss | TW - Sterek - NC-17
151. My Idiot Betas | TW - Petopher - NC-17
152. Permanent Fixture | TW - Sterek -NC-17
153. Stand Fast in Your Enchantments | TW - Sterek - NC-17
154. Binomial Coefficients | TW - Sterek - PG-13
155. Free Consultation | TW - Sterek - NC-17
156. Werewolf-Friendly | TW - Sterek - NC-17
157. Alive | TW - Sterek - NC-17
158. The Hale Beast | TW - Sterek - R
159. This is Not Our Fate | TW - Sterek - R
160. Shouting Back to the Night | TW - Sterek - R
161. Secure Happiness | TW - Sterek - R
162. seems to me it's chemistry | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
163. For Science! | TW - Sterek - NC-17
164. Your Majesty | TW - Sterek - NC-17
165. some kind of karmic-chi love thing | TW - Sterek - NC-17
166. Derek Hale, Werewolf Activist | TW - Sterek - G [podfic]
167. Random Craigslist Missed Connections Derek/Stiles Not!Fic of Doom | TW - Sterek [podfic]
168. Alpha Spikes | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
169. Salty Sweet | TW - Sterek - NC-17
170. DILF | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
171. Cupboard Love | TW - Sterek - G [podfic]
172. Stand Fast In Your Enchantments | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]*
173. five times Derek and Stiles weren't actually boyfriends (and one time they were) | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
174. Blue Moon | TW - Sterek - R
175. Shutterbug | TW - Sterek - NC-17
176. That Which You Cannot Undo | TW - Sterek - NC-17
177. Camaro '68 | TW - Sterek - NC-17
178. Around the Bend | TW - Sterek - NC-17
179. Move A Mountain | TW - Sterek - NC-17
180. Eat, Knot, Love | TW - Sterek - NC-17
181. Binomial Coefficients | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]*
182. By Any Other Name | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
183. Lock All The Doors Behind You | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]*


184. Red Wall | TW - Steter - NC-17
185. Hemingway Can Suck It | TW - Sterek - PG-13
186. Misinterpret Me Like Lolita | TW - Sterek - PG-13
187. Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble | TW - PG-13 [podfic]
188. last night's dress (tiptoe out of this mess) | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
189. Versus | TW - Sterek - NC-17
190. How Derek Met His Smallest Fan | TW - Sterek - NC-17
191. Terms and Conditions | TW - Sterek - NC-17
192. Hide of a Life of War | TW - Sterek - NC-17
193. Safe at Anchor | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
194. Bigger, Longer and Uncut | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
195. No Homo | TW - Sterek - NC-17* [podfic]
196. I Call You Names Because I Love You | TW - Sterek - R
197. Hemingway Can Suck It | TW - Sterek - PG-13*
198. Misinterpret Me Like Lolita | TW - Sterek - PG-13*
199. There is a Brotherhood | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
200. Outrun Your Ghosts | TW - Sterek - R
201. Hunger For Your Touch | TW - Sterek - NC-17
202. Of Milkshakes and Matchsticks | TW - Sterek - PG-13
203. Ain't Nothing So Good As Cake and Eating It | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
204. Help Wanted | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
205. It's Called A Heart Boner | TW - Sterek - R
206. with bloody feet across the hallowed ground | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
207. Love Don't Die | TW - Sterek - NC-17
208. Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie (Cheeseburger Baby) | TW - Sterek - PG-13
209. Want Is A Dangerous Thing | TW - Sterek - NC-17
210. A Californian Werewolf in New York | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
211. My Chest Is A Field Full Of Landmines | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
212. A Desperate Arrangement | TW - Sterek - NC-17
213. Fireman Derek's Crazy Pie (Cheeseburger Baby) | TW - Sterek - PG-13*
214. The Jelly To His Doughnut | TW - Sterek - NC-17
215. Where Clouds Roll By | TW - Sterek - PG-13
216. Love Runs Wild | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
217. Midnight Wolf VS Abominable Snowman! | TW - Sterek - PG-13
218. Say Hello To The Brushfire | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
219. Little Red Riding Hood (you sure are looking good) | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
220. A Californian Werewolf in New York | TW - Sterek - NC-17* [podfic]
221. It's Called A Heart Boner | TW - Sterek - R*
222. We Will Take It Back | TW - Sterek - R
223. Worlds That Turn On Their Own | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
224. 'Linski's Late Night Antidote To Lame | TW - Sterek - PG-13*
225. Midnight Wolf VS Abominable Snowman! | TW - Sterek - PG-13*
226. Like The Sky Fell On Me | TW RPS - Tyler/Dylan - NC-17 [podfic]
227. our lives are changing lanes | TW - Sterek - NC-17
228. Give Me Back My Bones (maybe then we'll talk) | TW - Sterek - NC-17
229. No Refills | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
230. Play It Again | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
231. Truth or Dare | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
232. Rapture, sweet rapture (won't you put your hands on me) | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
233. Integral to Survival | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
234. The Rain on the Fire | TW - Sterek - R
235. violets are blue | TW - Sterek - PG-13
236. Is It Cool if I hold Your Hand? | TW - Sterek - G [podfic]
237. Crash Landers | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
238. Roommate Wanted: No Supernatural Creatures Allowed | TW - Steter - NC-17
239. The One Where Derek Is Courting And Stiles Fears The Zombie/Werewolf Apocalypse | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
240. Things To Do On The Dates You Aren't Having | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
241. Once Upon a Time | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
242. Daddy Do's | TW - Sterek - G [podfic]
243. Intermediate Braiding Skills | TW - Sterek - G
244. You hollow out my hungry eyes | TW - Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
245. Wanna break you down so badly | TW - Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
246. Wish you were the one that got away | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
247. Bones Straining Under the Weight | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
248. The Importance of Turning Around Three Times Before Lying Down | TW - Sterek - R*


249. Unchained | TW - Sterek - NC-17
250. Mate to Your Soul: The Online Dating Site for all your Heart's Desires | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
251. Something always brings me back | TW - Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
252. We fuck till we come to conclusions | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
253. The fear of falling apart | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
254. I lost myself again | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
255. We might be hollow but we're brave | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - R
256. Take only what you need | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - R
257. We all know how to fake it | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - R
258. You were knocking me down with the palm of your eye | TW - Sterek, Rafael/Stiles - NC-17
259. Derek Trusts Stiles | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
260. You always take it further than I ever can | TW - Sterek - R
261. Between the burning shade and the fading light | TW - Sterek - R
262. Spare the Rod | TW - Peter/Malia, Peter/Allison, Chris/Allison - NC-17
263. Second Star to the Right and Straight On Till Morning | TW - Sterek - R
264. Don't Forget the TicTacs | TW RPS - Tyler/Dylan - PG-13
265. Read Between the Lines | TW RPS - Tyler/Dylan - NC-17
266. The Bite That Binds | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
267. Last Lovesong of a Dying Lemon | TW - Sterek - PG-13
268. not french and probably a mistake | TW - Sterek - NC-17
269. Like A Melody, it won't leave my head | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
270. Until We See The Sun | TW - Tyler/Dylan - NC-17 [podfic]
271. An Alpha's Mark | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
272. Important Things | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
273. State of Readiness | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
274. Bogarted | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
275. Glazed and Confused | TW - Sterek - NC-17
276. Play Crack the Sky | TW - Sterek - NC-17
277. Reach Out | TW - Sterek - NC-17
278. We've Written Volumes (in Blood and Scars and Ink) | TW - Sterek - NC-17
279. Spark, Smolder, Catch | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
280. Starts with F, Ends with U | TW - Rafael/Stiles, Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]*
281. A Simple Life | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
282. Not Like Bond & Moneypenny | TW - Sterek - R
283. The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights | TW - Sterek - NC-17
284. But Not With Haste | TW - Sterek - NC-17
285. it's free (and always will be) | TW - Sterek - NC-17
286. All's Fair In Love and Videogames | TW - Steter - NC-17
287. When You Wish Upon A Dragon | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
288. Not Like Bond & Moneypenny | TW - Sterek - R*
289. The Hazards (and Benefits) of Channel-Surfing on Friday Nights | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
290. it's free (and always will be) | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
291. Fascination | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
292. Melt Me Slowly Down | TW - Sterek - NC-17
293. Our Memories Are Numbered | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
294. Shelter | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
295. Five Times the Sheriff Found Derek Hale in His Son's Bedroom | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
296. Come Fly With Me (Or Don't) | TW - Sterek - R
297. never found a boy (to love me like you do) | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
298. Cross My Soul | TW - Sterek - R
299. Sideways and Slantways and Longways and Backways | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
300. Cupboard Love | TW - Sterek - G [podfic]*
301. My Heart Comes Tumbling Down | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
302. You are the Moon | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
303. the lunch table configuration | TW - Sterek - NC-17*
304. Free Consultation | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]*
305. Lock All The Doors Behind You | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]*
306. not a Nine Inch Nails song | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
307. Friends Don't Let Friends Drunk Dial | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
308. MFEO | TW - Sterek - R [podfic]
309. Do We Make It Up As We Go? | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]
310. Never Found a Boy to Love Me Like You Do | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
311. DILF | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]*
312. My, What a Big Axe You Have | TW - Sterek - G
313. I'm Betting This Wasn't Beta Tested | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
314. this love, it backfires | TW - Kate/Erica - NC-17 [podfic]
might as well kiss the monster, laugh and fuck until you're dead | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
315. Pucker Up | TW - Sterek - PG-13
316. Scent Marking For Dummies | TW - Sterek - PG-13
317. I Wanna Take A Ride On Your | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
318. hyper heart alone | TW - Sterek - NC-17 [podfic]
319. This Is Not Our Fate | TW - Sterek - R
320. Pull of the Tide | TW - Sterek - PG-13 [podfic]

2009 - 2014

2009 - 15 books
2010 - less than 10 books
2011 - less than 10 books
2012 - less than 10 books
2013 - 40 books
2014 - 12 books

Sooo I read a lot less books than my planned 50. Of course I did read 320 fics, so there is that. ;)

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2014 - Movies & TV

Dec. 31st, 2014 | 08:56 pm


[movies & tv shows]


Blue Jasmine (2013)
The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
Magic Mike (2012)
@urFRENZ (2010)
Dallas Buyers Club (2013)
American Hustle (2013)
12 Years A Slave (2013)
Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
Saving Mr. Banks (2013)
Weekend (2011)
La vie d'Adèle (2013)
La cage dorée (2013)
Pretty in Pink (1986)
Muriel's Wedding (1994)
Vampire Academy (2014)
Frozen (2013)
Percy Jackson - Sea of Monsters (2013)
Mansfield Park (1999)
The First Time (2012)
Open Gate (2011)
The Internship (2013)
The Babadook (2014)
The Houses October Built (2014)
The Vow (2012)
Wanderlust (2012)
Title (Year)
Title (Year)
Title (Year)

I did a pretty good job watching mostly previously-unwatched movies this year! The only rewatches in that list are Muriel's Wedding and Mansfield Park.


TV shows I discovered/started watching in 2014
(in order of... discovery)

01. The Crazy Ones
Watched the whole series; sad it got cancelled after just one season.

02. The Mindy Project
Started watching it this year and I absolutely adore it. I'm currently in the process of rewatching it with Jil; haven't started Season 3 yet.

03. White Collar
I checked this out at the beginning of the year and quickly became obsessed with it. I watched the five existing seasons really fast, but haven't managed to make myself watch the final six episodes of Season 6 yet. Kind of in denial about the show being cancelled, so...

04. Twisted
I enjoyed this but stopped like, two episodes before the first season ended, and it's cancelled now anyway, so.

05. My Mad Fat Diary
I watched everything, and hope there will be more! I think it's kind of undecided right now?

06. Dancing With The Stars
I watched only Season 18 (and a few random YouTube videos) because James Maslow was a participant. Meant to keep watching (mostly for the Chmerkovskiys), but then I... didn't.

07. Looking
I really liked this, and can't wait for season 2!

08. Game of Thrones
Aaaah, I don't know why it took me so long to get into this! Glad I discovered GOT this year and can't wait for more!

09. Breaking Bad
Yeaaah, my relationship with Breaking Bad is complicated. Several people told me to watch it, so I did, with mum and Jil, and we did enjoy it at first, then got a bit bored, then enjoyed it again, then not so much again, and we forced our way up to the end of Season 3, but... I honestly doubt that we'll ever be able to make ourselves watch the rest. I kind of... expected more?

10. Orphan Black
I really liked Season 1 of Orphan Black, but haven't been able to make myself start Season 2 yet. I definitely will at some point, though!

11. Orange Is The New Black
One of my favourite discoveries of the year! Watched all of it twice or three times, and can't wait for Season 3.

12. In The Flesh
There needs to be a next season!! 'nuff said.

13. Shameless
I've watched six episodes of the first season (US version) and really enjoyed them. Haven't watched more since, but I'm planning on watching the rest at some point soon.

14. How To Get Away With Murder
I'm only three episodes in; watched it with Jil and my mum, but mum kind of lost interest. I am planning on watching the rest at some point, though.

15. Selfie
I love Selfie! It's unexpectedly hilarious and I'm so sad it's been cancelled. I tend to have bad luck with the 20-minutes episode series cause when I love them, they tend to get cancelled :(

16. Suits
We started this this month, and we've only watched three episodes, but it's one I definitely plan on continuing!

TV shows I tried out but didn't continue watching

01. Star-Crossed (one episode)
02. Crisis (one episode)
03. True Detective (one episode)
04. Nashville (one episode)
05. Broad City (one episode)
06. Fargo (two episodes)
07. Féminin/Féminin (six episodes)
08. Bad Judge (one episode)
09. Stalker (one episode)
10. Red Band Society (one episode)

TV shows I discovered before 2014 and continued watching

01. Downton Abbey
02. 2 Broke Girls
03. Go On - sadly cancelled after one season :( ???
04. Cougar Town
05. The Blacklist
06. Melissa & Joey
07. Mad Men
08. The Walking Dead
09. Supernatural
10. Grey's Anatomy
11. Victorious
12. New Girl
13. Teen Wolf

TV shows I rewatched/started rewatching this year

01. Band of Brothers
02. White Collar (with mum)
03. The Mindy Project (with mum)
04. Victorious (with Jil)
05. Orange Is The New Black (with mum)
06. Orange Is The New Black (with Jil)
07. Teen Wolf (alone)
08. Teen Wolf (with mum)
09. Teen Wolf (with mum)
10. The Mindy Project (with Jil)


01. Free!
02. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
03. Junjou Romantico
04. Love Stage!!
05. Kuroko no Basuke

And here's the full list of episodes I watched this year. :)


001. Downton Abbey S04E02 (with mum & Jil)
002. Downton Abbey S04E03 (with mum & Jil)
003. Downton Abbey S04E04 (with mum & Jil)
004. Revenge S03E01 (with Jil)
005. Revenge S03E02 (with Jil)
006. Revenge S03E03 (with Jil)
007. Revenge S03E04 (with Jil)
008. Revenge S03E05 (with Jil)
009. Revenge S03E06 (with Jil)
010. The Crazy Ones S01E01
011. The Crazy Ones S01E02
012. The Crazy Ones S01E03
013. The Crazy Ones S01E04
014. The Crazy Ones S01E05
015. The Crazy Ones S01E06
016. The Crazy Ones S01E07
017. The Crazy Ones S01E08
018. The Crazy Ones S01E09
019. The Crazy Ones S01E10
020. The Crazy Ones S01E11
021. Revenge S03E07 (with Jil)
022. Revenge S03E08 (with Jil)
023. Revenge S03E09 (with Jil)
024. Revenge S03E10 (with Jil)
025. The Mindy Project S01E02
026. The Mindy Project S01E03
027. The Mindy Project S01E04
028. The Mindy Project S01E05
029. The Mindy Project S01E06
030. The Mindy Project S01E07
031. The Mindy Project S01E08
032. The Mindy Project S01E09
033. The Mindy Project S01E10
034. The Mindy Project S01E11
035. The Mindy Project S01E12
036. Downton Abbey S04E05 (with mum & Jil)
037. Downton Abbey S04E06 (with mum & Jil)
038. Downton Abbey S04E07 (with mum & Jil)
039. Downton Abbey S04E08 (with mum & Jil)
040. Downton Abbey 2013 Christmas Special (with mum & Jil)
041. 2 Broke Girls S03E12 (with Jil)
042. Revenge S03E11 (with Jil)
043. The Crazy Ones S01E12
044. The Mindy Project S01E13
045. The Mindy Project S01E14
046. The Mindy Project S01E15
047. The Mindy Project S01E16
048. The Mindy Project S01E17
049. The Mindy Project S01E18
050. The Mindy Project S01E19
051. The Mindy Project S01E20
052. The Mindy Project S01E21
053. The Mindy Project S01E22
054. The Mindy Project S01E23
055. The Mindy Project S01E24
056. The Mindy Project S02E01
057. The Mindy Project S02E02
058. The Mindy Project S02E03
059. The Mindy Project S02E04
060. The Mindy Project S02E05
061. The Mindy Project S02E06
062. The Mindy Project S02E07
063. The Mindy Project S02E08
064. The Mindy Project S02E09
065. The Mindy Project S02E10
066. The Mindy Project S02E11
067. Go On S01E12 (with Jil)
068. Go On S01E13 (with Jil)
069. Go On S01E14 (with Jil)
070. Go On S01E15 (with Jil)
071. The Mindy Project S02E12
072. The Crazy Ones S01E13
073. Golden Globes 2014 (with mum)
074. White Collar S01E01
075. White Collar S01E02
076. White Collar S01E03
077. White Collar S01E04
078. White Collar S01E05
079. White Collar S01E06
080. White Collar S01E07
081. White Collar S01E08
082. White Collar S01E09
083. White Collar S01E10
084. White Collar S01E11
085. White Collar S01E12
086. White Collar S01E13
087. White Collar S01E14
088. White Collar S02E01
089. White Collar S02E02
090. White Collar S02E03
091. White Collar S02E04
092. White Collar S02E05
093. White Collar S02E06
094. The Mindy Project S02E13
095. White Collar S02E07
096. White Collar S02E08
097. White Collar S02E09
098. White Collar S02E10
099. White Collar S02E11
100. White Collar S02E12
101. Go On S01E16 (with Jil)
102. Go On S01E17 (with Jil)
103. Go On S01E18 (with Jil)
104. Go On S01E19 (with Jil)
105. Go On S01E20 (with Jil)
106. White Collar S02E13
107. White Collar S02E14
108. White Collar S02E15
109. White Collar S02E16
110. White Collar S03E01
111. White Collar S03E02
112. The Mindy Project S02E14
113. White Collar S03E03
114. White Collar S03E04
115. White Collar S03E05
116. White Collar S03E06
117. White Collar S03E07
118. White Collar S03E08
119. White Collar S03E09
120. White Collar S03E10
121. The Untold History of the United States S01E01 (with mum & Jil)
122. The Untold History of the United States S01E02 (with mum & Jil)
123. Go On S01E21 (with Jil)
124. Go On S01E22 (with Jil)
125. Cougar Town S04E04 (with Jil)
126. Cougar Town S04E05 (with Jil)
127. Cougar Town S04E06 (with Jil)
128. Cougar Town S04E07 (with Jil)
129. Cougar Town S04E08 (with Jil)
130. Cougar Town S04E09 (with Jil)
131. Cougar Town S04E10 (with Jil)
132. The Blacklist S01E11 (with mum & Jil)
133. The Blacklist S01E12 (with mum & Jil)
134. White Collar S03E11
135. White Collar S03E12
136. White Collar S03E13
137. White Collar S03E14
138. White Collar S03E15
139. White Collar S03E16
140. White Collar S04E01
141. White Collar S04E02
142. White Collar S04E03
143. White Collar S04E04
144. White Collar S04E05
145. White Collar S04E06
146. White Collar S04E07
147. White Collar S04E08
148. White Collar S04E09
149. Cougar Town S04E11 (with Jil)
150. Cougar Town S04E12 (with Jil)
151. White Collar S04E10
152. White Collar S04E11
153. White Collar S04E12
154. White Collar S04E13
155. White Collar S04E14
156. White Collar S04E15
157. Cougar Town S04E13 (with Jil)
158. Cougar Town S04E14 (with Jil)
159. Cougar Town S04E15 (with Jil)
160. Cougar Town S05E01 (with Jil)
161. Cougar Town S05E02 (with Jil)
162. Cougar Town S05E03 (with Jil)
163. Cougar Town S05E04 (with Jil)
164. Melissa & Joey S02E07 (with Jil)
165. Melissa & Joey S02E08 (with Jil)
166. Melissa & Joey S02E09 (with Jil)
167. Melissa & Joey S02E10 (with Jil)
168. White Collar S04E16
169. White Collar S05E01
170. White Collar S05E02
171. White Collar S05E03
172. The Crazy Ones S01E14


173. The History of the US S01E03 (with mum & Jil)
174. The History of the US S01E04 (with mum & Jil)
175. White Collar S05E04
176. White Collar S05E05
177. White Collar S05E06
178. Melissa & Joey S02E11 (with Jil)
179. Melissa & Joey S02E12 (with Jil)
180. Melissa & Joey S02E13 (with Jil)
181. Melissa & Joey S02E14 (with Jil)
182. Melissa & Joey S02E15 (with Jil)
183. Band of Brothers S01E01* (with mum & Jil)
184. White Collar S05E07
185. White Collar S05E08
186. White Collar S05E09
187. White Collar S05E10
188. White Collar S05E11
189. White Collar S05E12
190. White Collar S05E13
191. Twisted S01E01
192. Twisted S01E02
193. Twisted S01E03
194. Twisted S01E04
195. Twisted S01E05
196. Melissa & Joey S03E01 (with Jil)
197. Melissa & Joey S03E02 (with Jil)
198. Melissa & Joey S03E03 (with Jil)
199. Melissa & Joey S03E04 (with Jil)
200. Melissa & Joey S03E05 (with Jil)
201. Twisted S01E06
202. Twisted S01E07
203. Twisted S01E08
204. Twisted S01E09
205. Twisted S01E10
206. Twisted S01E11
207. My Mad Fat Diary S01E01
208. My Mad Fat Diary S01E02
209. My Mad Fat Diary S01E03
210. White Collar S01E01* (with mum)
211. White Collar S01E02* (with mum)
212. Band of Brothers S01E02* (with mum & Jil)
213. Band of Brothers S01E03* (with mum & Jil)
214. Band of Brothers S01E04* (with mum & Jil)
215. White Collar S01E03* (with mum)
216. My Mad Fat Diary S01E04
217. My Mad Fat Diary S01E05
218. My Mad Fat Diary S01E06
219. White Collar S01E04* (with mum)
220. White Collar S01E05* (with mum)
221. White Collar S01E06* (with mum)
222. White Collar S01E07* (with mum)
223. White Collar S01E08* (with mum)
224. White Collar S01E09* (with mum)
225. White Collar S01E10* (with mum)
226. Melissa & Joey S03E06 (with Jil)
227. Melissa & Joey S03E07 (with Jil)
228. Melissa & Joey S03E08 (with Jil)
229. Melissa & Joey S03E09 (with Jil)
230. Melissa & Joey S03E10 (with Jil)
231. Twisted S01E12
232. The Crazy Ones S01E15
233. Mad Men S05E08
234. Mad Men S05E09
235. Mad Men S05E10
236. Mad Men S05E11
237. White Collar S01E11* (with mum)
238. Mad Men S05E12
239. Mad Men S05E13
240. White Collar S01E12* (with mum)
241. White Collar S01E13* (with mum)
242. White Collar S01E14* (with mum)
243. White Collar S02E01* (with mum)
244. White Collar S02E02* (with mum)
245. White Collar S02E03* (with mum)
246. White Collar S02E04* (with mum)
247. Mad Men S06E01 (with mum)
248. Mad Men S06E02 (with mum)
249. Mad Men S06E03 (with mum)
250. Mad Men S06E04 (with mum)
251. Mad Men S06E05 (with mum)
252. Mad Men S06E06 (with mum)
253. Mad Men S06E07 (with mum)
254. Mad Men S06E08 (with mum)
255. Mad Men S06E09 (with mum)
256. Mad Men S06E10 (with mum)
257. My Mad Fat Diary S02E01
258. My Mad Fat Diary S02E02
259. Star-Crossed S01E01
260. Twisted S01E13
261. Mad Men S06E11 (with mum)
262. Mad Men S06E12 (with mum)
263. Mad Men S06E13 (with mum)
264. White Collar S02E05* (with mum)
265. White Collar S02E06* (with mum)
266. White Collar S02E07* (with mum)
267. White Collar S02E08* (with mum)
268. Band of Brothers S01E05* (with mum & Jil)
269. Band of Brothers S01E06* (with mum & Jil)
270. Band of Brothers S01E07* (with mum & Jil)
271. Band of Brothers S01E08* (with mum & Jil)
272. White Collar S02E09* (with mum)
273. White Collar S02E10* (with mum)
274. White Collar S02E11* (with mum)
275. White Collar S02E12* (with mum)
276. White Collar S02E13* (with mum)
277. Melissa & Joey S03E11 (with Jil)
278. Melissa & Joey S03E12 (with Jil)
279. Melissa & Joey S03E13 (with Jil)
280. Melissa & Joey S03E14 (with Jil)
281. Free! S01E01
282. Free! S01E02
283. Free! S01E03
284. Free! S01E04
285. Free! S01E05
286. Free! S01E06
287. Free! S01E07
288. Free! S01E08
289. White Collar S02E14* (with mum)
290. White Collar S02E15* (with mum)
291. White Collar S02E16* (with mum)
292. Melissa & Joey S03E15 (with Jil)
293. Melissa & Joey S03E16 (with Jil)
294. Melissa & Joey S03E17 (with Jil)
295. Melissa & Joey S03E18 (with Jil)
296. Free! S01E09
297. Free! S01E10
298. Free! S01E11
299. Free! S01E12


300. White Collar S03E01* (with mum)
301. White Collar S03E02* (with mum)
302. White Collar S03E03* (with mum)
304. White Collar S03E04* (with mum)
305. White Collar S03E05* (with mum)
306. Grey's Anatomy S10E13 (with mum & Jil)
307. The Blacklist S01E14 (with mum & Jil)
308. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E01
309. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E02
310. Melissa & Joey S03E19 (with Jil)
311. Melissa & Joey S03E20 (with Jil)
312. Melissa & Joey S03E21 (with Jil)
313. Melissa & Joey S03E22 (with Jil)
314. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E03
315. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E04
316. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E05
317. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E06
318. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E07
319. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E08
320. The Walking Dead S04E09 (with Jil)
321. The Walking Dead S04E10 (with Jil)
322. The Walking Dead S04E11 (with Jil)
323. The Walking Dead S04E12 (with Jil)
324. 2 Broke Girls S03E13 (with Jil)
325. 2 Broke Girls S03E14 (with Jil)
326. 2 Broke Girls S03E15 (with Jil)
327. 2 Broke Girls S03E16 (with Jil)
328. 2 Broke Girls S03E17 (with Jil)
329. Supernatural S09E10 (with Jil)
330. Supernatural S09E11 (with Jil)
331. Grey's Anatomy S10E14 (with mum & Jil)
332. The Blacklist S01E15 (with mum & Jil)
332. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E09
333. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi S01E10
334. Grey's Anatomy S10E15 (with mum & Jil)
335. Band of Brothers S01E09* (with mum & Jil)
336. Band of Brothers S01E10* (with mum & Jil)
337. The Crazy Ones S01E16
338. The Crazy Ones S01E17
339. My Mad Fat Diary S02E03
340. My Mad Fat Diary S02E04
341. My Mad Fat Diary S02E05
342. The Crazy Ones S01E18
343. Crisis S01E01 (with mum & Jil)
344. True Detective S01E01 (with mum & Jil)
345. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S01E11
346. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S01E12
347. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E01
348. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E02
349. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E03
350. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E04
351. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E05
352. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E06
353. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E07
354. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E08
355. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E09
356. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E10
357. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E11
358. Sekaiichi Hatuskoi S02E12
359. The Walking Dead S04E14 (with Jil)
360. Junjou Romantico S01E01
361. Junjou Romantico S01E02
362. Twisted S01E14
363. Twisted S01E15
364. Twisted S01E16
365. Twisted S01E17
366. Dancing With The Stars S18E01 (with mum)
367. Dancing With The Stars S18E02 (with mum)
368. 2 Broke Girls S03E18 (with Jil)
369. 2 Broke Girls S03E19 (with Jil)
370. Looking S01E01
371. Looking S01E02
372. Looking S01E03
373. Looking S01E04
374. Looking S01E05
375. Looking S01E06
376. Looking S01E07
377. Looking S01E08
378. Grey's Anatomy S10E16 (with mum & Jil)
379. Grey's Anatomy S10E17 (with mum & Jil)
380. The Blacklist S01E16 (with mum & Jil)
381. The Blacklist S01E17 (with mum & Jil)
382. Nashville S01E01 (with mum)


383. Dancing With The Stars S18E03 (with mum)
384. Game of Thrones S01E01
385. Game of Thrones S01E02
386. Game of Thrones S01E03
387. Game of Thrones S01E04
388. Game of Thrones S01E05
389. Game of Thrones S01E01* (with mum)
390. Game of Thrones S01E02* (with mum)
391. Grey's Anatomy S10E18 (with mum & Jil)
392. The Blacklist S01E18 (with mum & Jil)
393. Breaking Bad S01E01 (with mum & Jil)
394. Breaking Bad S01E02 (with mum & Jil)
395. Breaking Bad S01E03 (with mum & Jil)
396. Breaking Bad S01E04 (with mum & Jil)
397. The Mindy Project S02E15
398. The Mindy Project S02E16
399. The Crazy Ones S01E19
400. Game of Thrones S01E03* (with mum)
401. Game of Thrones S01E04* (with mum)
402. Breaking Bad S01E05 (with mum & Jil)
403. Breaking Bad S01E06 (with mum & Jil)
404. Breaking Bad S01E07 (with mum & Jil)
405. Breaking Bad S02E01 (with mum & Jil)
406. Breaking Bad S02E02 (with mum & Jil)
407. Game of Thrones S01E05 (with mum)
408. Dancing With The Stars S18E04 (with mum)
409. My Mad Fat Diary S02E06
410. My Mad Fat Diary S02E07
411. The Mindy Project S02E17
412. The Mindy Project S02E18
413. Game of Thrones S01E06 (with mum)
414. Game of Thrones S01E07 (with mum)
415. Game of Thrones S01E08 (with mum)
416. Breaking Bad S02E03 (with mum & Jil)
417. Breaking Bad S02E04 (with mum & Jil)
418. Breaking Bad S02E05 (with mum & Jil)
419. Dancing With The Stars S18E05 (with mum)
420. Game of Thrones S01E09 (with mum)
421. Game of Thrones S01E10 (with mum)
422. Game of Thrones S02E01 (with mum)
423. Game of Thrones S02E02 (with mum)
424. Game of Thrones S02E03 (with mum)
425. Game of Thrones S02E04 (with mum)
426. Game of Thrones S02E05 (with mum)
427. Game of Thrones S02E06 (with mum)
428. Game of Thrones S02E07 (with mum)
429. Game of Thrones S02E08 (with mum)
430. Game of Thrones S02E09 (with mum)
431. Game of Thrones S02E10 (with mum)
432. Game of Thrones S03E01 (with mum)
433. Game of Thrones S03E02 (with mum)
434. The Crazy Ones S01E20
435. The Crazy Ones S01E21
436. The Crazy Ones S01E22
437. The Mindy Project S02E19
438. Breaking Bad S02E06 (with mum & Jil)
439. Breaking Bad S02E07 (with mum & Jil)
440. Breaking Bad S02E08 (with mum & Jil)
441. Game of Thrones S03E03 (with mum)
442. Game of Thrones S03E04 (with mum)
443. Game of Thrones S03E05 (with mum)
444. Orphan Black S01E01
445. Orphan Black S01E02
446. Orphan Black S01E03
447. Orphan Black S01E04
448. Orphan Black S01E05
449. Orphan Black S01E06
450. Orphan Black S01E07
451. Orphan Black S01E08
452. Orphan Black S01E09
453. Orphan Black S01E10
454. Orphan Black S02E01
455. Orphan Black S02E02
456. The Mindy Project S02E20
457. Game of Thrones S03E06 (with mum)
458. Game of Thrones S03E07 (with mum)
459. Dancing With The Stars S18E06 (with mum)
460. Supernatural S09E12 (with Jil)
461. Supernatural S09E13 (with Jil)
462. Dancing With The Stars S18E07 (with mum)
463. Orange Is The New Black S01E01
464. Melissa & Joey S03E23 (with Jil)
465. Melissa & Joey S03E24 (with Jil)
466. Melissa & Joey S03E25 (with Jil)
467. Melissa & Joey S03E26 (with Jil)
468. Melissa & Joey S03E27 (with Jil)
469. Melissa & Joey S03E28 (with Jil)
470. Melissa & Joey S03E29 (with Jil)


471. Game of Thrones S03E08 (with mum)
472. Game of Thrones S03E09 (with mum)
473. Game of Thrones S03E10 (with mum)
474. Game of Thrones S04E01 (with mum)
475. Game of Thrones S04E02 (with mum)
476. Game of Thrones S04E03 (with mum)
477. Game of Thrones S04E04 (with mum)
478. The Mindy Project S02E21
479. Orange Is The New Black S01E02
480. Orange Is The New Black S01E03
481. Orange Is The New Black S01E04
482. Orange Is The New Black S01E05
483. Supernatural S09E14 (with Jil)
484. Supernatural S09E15 (with Jil)
485. Game of Thrones S04E05 (with mum)
486. Dancing With The Stars S18E08 (with mum)
488. 2 Broke Girls S03E20 (with Jil)
488. 2 Broke Girls S03E21 (with Jil)
489. 2 Broke Girls S03E22 (with Jil)
490. Dancing With The Stars S18E09 (with mum)
491. Game of Thrones S04E06 (with mum)
492. Mad Men S07E01 (with mum)
493. The Mindy Project S01E01* (with mum)
494. The Mindy Project S01E02* (with mum)
495. The Mindy Project S01E03* (with mum)
496. The Mindy Project S01E04* (with mum)
497. The Mindy Project S01E05* (with mum)
498. The Mindy Project S01E06* (with mum)
499. Game of Thrones S04E07 (with mum)
500. Dancing With The Stars S18E10 (with mum)
501. Dancing With The Stars S18E11 (with mum)
502. Dancing With The Stars S18E12 (with mum)
503. The Mindy Project S01E07* (with mum)
504. The Mindy Project S01E08* (with mum)
505. The Mindy Project S01E09* (with mum)
506. The Mindy Project S01E10* (with mum)
507. Grey's Anatomy S10E19 (with mum & Jil)
508. Grey's Anatomy S10E20 (with mum & Jil)
509. Grey's Anatomy S10E21 (with mum & Jil)
510. Grey's Anatomy S10E22 (with mum & Jil)
511. Grey's Anatomy S10E23 (with mum & Jil)
512. Grey's Anatomy S10E24 (with mum & Jil)
513. Supernatural S09E16 (with Jil)
514. Supernatural S09E17 (with Jil)
515. The Mindy Project S01E11* (with mum)
516. The Mindy Project S01E12* (with mum)
517. The Mindy Project S01E13* (with mum)
518. The Mindy Project S01E14* (with mum)
519. The Mindy Project S01E15* (with mum)
520. The Mindy Project S01E16* (with mum)
521. The Mindy Project S01E17* (with mum)
522. The Mindy Project S01E18* (with mum)
523. The Mindy Project S01E19* (with mum)
524. The Mindy Project S01E20* (with mum)
525. The Mindy Project S01E21* (with mum)
526. The Mindy Project S01E22* (with mum)
527. The Mindy Project S01E23* (with mum)
528. The Mindy Project S01E24* (with mum)
529. The Mindy Project S02E01* (with mum)
530. The Mindy Project S02E02* (with mum)
531. The Mindy Project S02E03* (with mum)
532. The Mindy Project S02E04* (with mum)
533. The Mindy Project S02E05* (with mum)
534. Orange Is The New Black S01E06
535. Orange Is The New Black S01E07
536. Orange Is The New Black S01E08
537. Supernatural S09E18 (with Jil)
538. Supernatural S09E19 (with Jil)
539. Supernatural S09E20 (with Jil)
540. Orange Is The New Black S01E09
541. Orange Is The New Black S01E10
542. Orange Is The New Black S01E11
543. Orange Is The New Black S01E12
544. Orange Is The New Black S01E13
545. The Mindy Project S02E06* (with mum)
546. The Mindy Project S02E07* (with mum)
547. The Mindy Project S02E08* (with mum)
548. The Mindy Project S02E09* (with mum)
549. The Mindy Project S02E10* (with mum)
550. The Mindy Project S02E11* (with mum)
551. The Mindy Project S02E12* (with mum)
552. The Mindy Project S02E13* (with mum)
553. The Mindy Project S02E14* (with mum)
554. Victorious S04E07
555. Victorious S04E08
556. Victorious S04E09


557. The Mindy Project S02E15* (with mum)
558. The Mindy Project S02E16* (with mum)
559. The Mindy Project S02E17* (with mum)
560. The Mindy Project S02E18* (with mum)
561. The Mindy Project S02E19* (with mum)
562. The Mindy Project S02E20* (with mum)
563. The Mindy Project S02E21* (with mum)
564. The Mindy Project S02E22 (with mum)
565. Game of Thrones S04E08 (with mum)
566. Broad City S02E01
567. Victorious S04E10
568. Victorious S04E11
569. Victorious S04E12
570. Victorious S04E13
571. Orange Is The New Black S02E01
572. Orange Is The New Black S02E02
573. Orange Is The New Black S02E03
574. Orange Is The New Black S02E04
575. Orange Is The New Black S02E05
576. Orange Is The New Black S02E06
577. Supernatural S09E21 (with Jil)
578. Supernatural S09E22 (with Jil)
579. Supernatural S09E23 (with Jil)
580. Victorious S01E03* (with Jil)
581. Victorious S01E04* (with Jil)
582. Victorious S01E05* (with Jil)
583. Victorious S01E06* (with Jil)
584. Victorious S01E07* (with Jil)
585. Victorious S01E08* (with Jil)
586. Victorious S01E09* (with Jil)
587. Victorious S01E10* (with Jil)
588. Victorious S01E11* (with Jil)
589. Victorious S01E12* (with Jil)
590. Victorious S01E13* (with Jil)
591. Victorious S01E14* (with Jil)
592. Victorious S01E15* (with Jil)
593. Game of Thrones S04E09 (with mum)
594. Orange Is The New Black S01E01* (with mum)
595. Orange Is The New Black S01E02* (with mum)
596. Orange Is The New Black S01E03* (with mum)
597. Orange Is The New Black S01E04* (with mum)
598. Orange Is The New Black S01E05* (with mum)
599. Orange Is The New Black S01E06* (with mum)
600. Orange Is The New Black S01E07* (with mum)
601. Orange Is The New Black S01E08* (with mum)
602. Orange Is The New Black S01E09* (with mum)
603. Orange Is The New Black S01E10* (with mum)
604. Orange Is The New Black S01E11* (with mum)
605. Orange Is The New Black S01E12* (with mum)
606. Orange Is The New Black S01E13* (with mum)
607. Game of Thrones S04E10 (with mum)
608. New Girl S03E11 (with Jil)
609. New Girl S03E12 (with Jil)
610. New Girl S03E13 (with Jil)
611. New Girl S03E14 (with Jil)
612. New Girl S03E15 (with Jil)
613. Orange Is The New Black S02E01* (with mum)
614. Orange Is The New Black S02E02* (with mum)
615. Orange Is The New Black S02E03* (with mum)
616. Orange Is The New Black S02E04* (with mum)
617. Orange Is The New Black S02E05* (with mum)
618. Orange Is The New Black S02E06* (with mum)
619. Orange Is The New Black S02E07 (with mum)
620. Orange Is The New Black S02E08 (with mum)
621. Orange Is The New Black S02E09 (with mum)
622. Orange Is The New Black S02E10 (with mum)
623. Orange Is The New Black S02E11 (with mum)
624. Orange Is The New Black S02E12 (with mum)
625. Orange Is The New Black S02E13 (with mum)
626. Fargo S01E01 (with mum)
627. Fargo S01E02 (with mum)
628. New Girl S03E16 (with Jil)
629. New Girl S03E17 (with Jil)
630. New Girl S03E18 (with Jil)
631. New Girl S03E19 (with Jil)
632. New Girl S03E20 (with Jil)
633. New Girl S03E21 (with Jil)
634. New Girl S03E22 (with Jil)
635. New Girl S03E23 (with Jil)
636. Cougar Town S05E05 (with Jil)
637. Cougar Town S05E06 (with Jil)


638. Teen Wolf S03E06
639. Teen Wolf S03E07
640. Free! S02E01
641. Melissa & Joey S03E30 (with Jil)
642. Melissa & Joey S03E31 (with Jil)
643. Melissa & Joey S03E32 (with Jil)
644. Melissa & Joey S03E33 (with Jil)
645. In The Flesh S01E01
646. In The Flesh S01E02
647. In The Flesh S01E03
648. In The Flesh S02E01
649. In The Flesh S02E02
650. Melissa & Joey S03E34 (with Jil)
651. Melissa & Joey S03E35 (with Jil)
652. Melissa & Joey S03E36 (with Jil)
653. Melissa & Joey S03E37 (with Jil)
654. In The Flesh S02E03
655. In The Flesh S02E04
656. In The Flesh S02E05
657. In The Flesh S02E06
658. Free! S02E02
659. Teen Wolf S03E08
660. Teen Wolf S03E09
661. Teen Wolf S03E10
662. Teen Wolf S03E11
663. Love Stage!! S01E01
664. Teen Wolf S03E12
665. Free! S02E03
666. Love Stage!! S01E02
667. Teen Wolf S03E12
668. Teen Wolf S03E13
669. Teen Wolf S03E14
670. Teen Wolf S03E15
671. Breaking Bad S02E09 (with mum & Jil)
672. Breaking Bad S02E10 (with mum & Jil)
673. Orange Is The New Black S01E01* (with Jil)
674. Teen Wolf S03E16
675. Teen Wolf S03E17
676. Teen Wolf S03E18
677. Teen Wolf S03E19
678. Teen Wolf S03E20
679. Teen Wolf S03E21
680. Teen Wolf S03E22
681. Teen Wolf S03E23
682. Teen Wolf S03E24
683. Free! S02E04
684. Love Stage!! S01E03
685. Orange Is The New Black S01E02* (with Jil)
686. Orange Is The New Black S01E03* (with Jil)
687. Teen Wolf S04E01
688. Teen Wolf S04E02
689. Teen Wolf S04E03
690. Teen Wolf S04E04
691. Teen Wolf S04E05
692. Kuroko no Basuke S01E01
693. Kuroko no Basuke S01E02
694. Kuroko no Basuke S01E03
695. Kuroko no Basuke S01E04
696. Kuroko no Basuke S01E05
697. Love Stage!! S01E04
698. Free! S02E05
699. Teen Wolf S04E06


700. Kuroko no Basuke S01E06
701. Kuroko no Basuke S01E07
702. Love Stage!! S01E05
703. Free! S02E06
704. Teen Wolf S04E07
705. Orange Is The New Black S01E04* (with Jil)
706. Orange Is The New Black S01E05* (with Jil)
707. Orange Is The New Black S01E06* (with Jil)
708. Breaking Bad S02E11 (with mum & Jil)
709. Breaking Bad S02E12 (with mum & Jil)
710. Breaking Bad S02E13 (with mum & Jil)
711. Breaking Bad S03E01 (with mum & Jil)
712. Breaking Bad S03E02 (with mum & Jil)
713. Breaking Bad S03E03 (with mum & Jil)
714. Teen Wolf S01E01*
715. Teen Wolf S01E02*
716. Teen Wolf S01E03*
717. Teen Wolf S01E04*
718. Teen Wolf S01E05*
719. Teen Wolf S01E06*
720. Teen Wolf S01E07*
721. Teen Wolf S01E08*
722. Teen Wolf S01E09*
723. Teen Wolf S01E10*
724. Teen Wolf S01E11*
725. Teen Wolf S01E12*
726. Teen Wolf S02E01*
727. Teen Wolf S02E02*
728. Teen Wolf S02E03*
729. Teen Wolf S02E04*
730. Teen Wolf S02E05*
731. Teen Wolf S02E06*
732. Teen Wolf S02E07*
733. Teen Wolf S02E08*
734. Teen Wolf S02E09*
735. Teen Wolf S02E10*
736. Teen Wolf S02E11*
737. Teen Wolf S02E12*
738. Breaking Bad S03E04 (with mum & Jil)
739. Breaking Bad S03E05 (with mum & Jil)
740. Breaking Bad S03E06 (with mum & Jil)
741. Breaking Bad S03E07 (with mum & Jil)
742. Breaking Bad S03E08 (with mum & Jil)
743. Breaking Bad S03E09 (with mum & Jil)
744. Breaking Bad S03E10 (with mum & Jil)
745. Breaking Bad S03E11 (with mum & Jil)
746. Breaking Bad S03E12 (with mum & Jil)
747. Breaking Bad S03E13 (with mum & Jil)
748. Teen Wolf S03E01*
749. Teen Wolf S03E02*
750. Teen Wolf S03E03*
751. Teen Wolf S03E04*
752. Teen Wolf S03E05*
753. Teen Wolf S03E06*
754. Teen Wolf S03E07*
755. Teen Wolf S03E08*
756. Teen Wolf S03E09*
757. Teen Wolf S03E10*
758. Teen Wolf S03E11*
759. Teen Wolf S03E12*
760. Teen Wolf S03E13*
761. Teen Wolf S03E14*
762. Teen Wolf S03E15*
763. Teen Wolf S03E16*
764. Teen Wolf S03E17*
765. Teen Wolf S03E18*
766. Teen Wolf S03E19*
767. Teen Wolf S03E20*
768. Teen Wolf S03E21*
769. Teen Wolf S03E22*
770. Teen Wolf S03E23*
771. Teen Wolf S03E24*
772. Teen Wolf S04E08
773. Free! S02E07
774. Free! S02E08
775. Love Stage!! S01E06
776. Teen Wolf S04E09


762. Teen Wolf S04E10
763. Teen Wolf S04E11
764. Teen Wolf S04E12
765. Free! S02E09
766. Free! S02E10
767. Free! S02E11
768. Love Stage!! S01E07
769. Love Stage!! S01E08
770. Love Stage!! S01E09
771. Love Stage!! S01E10
772. Shameless US S01E01 (with mum)
773. Shameless US S01E02 (with mum)
774. Kuroko No Basuke S01E08
775. Kuroko No Basuke S01E09
776. Féminin/Féminin S01E01
777. Féminin/Féminin S01E02
778. Féminin/Féminin S01E03
779. Féminin/Féminin S01E04
780. Féminin/Féminin S01E05
781. Féminin/Féminin S01E06
782. Teen Wolf S01E01*
783. Teen Wolf S01E02*
784. Dancing With The Stars S19E01 (with mum)
785. Dancing With The Stars S19E02 (with mum)
786. Orange Is The New Black S01E07* (with Jil)
787. Orange Is The New Black S01E08* (with Jil)
788. Orange Is The New Black S01E09* (with Jil)
789. Orange Is The New Black S01E10* (with Jil)
790. Orange Is The New Black S01E11* (with Jil)
791. Orange Is The New Black S01E12* (with Jil)
792. Orange Is The New Black S01E13* (with Jil)
793. Teen Wolf S01E03*
794. Teen Wolf S01E04*
795. Grey's Anatomy S01E01* (with mum & Jil)
796. Grey's Anatomy S01E02* (with mum & Jil)
797. Grey's Anatomy S01E03* (with mum & Jil)
798. Chicago PD S01E08
799. Chicago PD S01E09
800. Orange Is The New Black S02E01* (with Jil)
801. Shameless US S01E03 (with mum)
802. Shameless US S01E04 (with mum)
803. Shameless US S01E05 (with mum)
804. Shameless US S01E06 (with mum)
805. Orange Is The New Black S02E02* (with Jil)


806. Teen Wolf S01E05*
807. Teen Wolf S01E06*
808. Orange Is The New Black S02E03* (with Jil)
809. Orange Is The New Black S02E04* (with Jil)
810. Orange Is The New Black S02E05* (with Jil)
811. How To Get Away With Murder S01E01 (with mum & Jil)
812. How To Get Away With Murder S01E02 (with mum & Jil)
813. How To Get Away With Murder S01E03 (with mum & Jil)
814. Grey's Anatomy S11E01 (with mum & Jil)
815. Grey's Anatomy S11E02 (with mum & Jil)
816. Grey's Anatomy S11E03 (with mum & Jil)
817. Selfie S01E01 (with Jil)
818. Bad Judge S01E01 (with Jil)
819. Stalker S01E01 (with Jil)
820. Orange Is The New Black S02E06* (with Jil)
821. Orange Is The New Black S02E07* (with Jil)
822. Orange Is The New Black S02E08* (with Jil)
823. Red Band Society S01E01 (with Jil)


824. Teen Wolf S01E01* (with mum)
825. Teen Wolf S01E02* (with mum)
826. Teen Wolf S01E03* (with mum)
827. Teen Wolf S01E04* (with mum)
828. Teen Wolf S01E05* (with mum)
829. Teen Wolf S01E06* (with mum)
830. Teen Wolf S01E07* (with mum)
831. Teen Wolf S01E08* (with mum)
832. Teen Wolf S01E09* (with mum)
833. Teen Wolf S01E10* (with mum)
834. 2 Broke Girls S04E01 (with Jil)
835. 2 Broke Girls S04E02 (with Jil)
836. 2 Broke Girls S04E03 (with Jil)
837. Teen Wolf S01E11* (with mum)
838. Teen Wolf S01E12* (with mum)
839. Teen Wolf S02E01* (with mum)
840. Teen Wolf S02E02* (with mum)
841. Teen Wolf S02E03* (with mum)
842. Teen Wolf S02E04* (with mum)
843. Teen Wolf S02E05* (with mum)
844. Teen Wolf S02E06* (with mum)
845. Teen Wolf S02E07* (with mum)
846. Teen Wolf S02E08* (with mum)
847. Teen Wolf S02E09* (with mum)
848. Teen Wolf S02E10* (with mum)
849. Teen Wolf S02E11* (with mum)
850. Teen Wolf S02E12* (with mum)
851. Teen Wolf S03E01* (with mum)
852. Teen Wolf S03E02* (with mum)
853. Teen Wolf S03E03* (with mum)
854. Teen Wolf S03E04* (with mum)
855. Teen Wolf S03E05* (with mum)
856. Teen Wolf S03E06* (with mum)
857. Teen Wolf S03E07* (with mum)
858. Teen Wolf S03E08* (with mum)
859. Teen Wolf S03E09* (with mum)
860. Teen Wolf S03E10* (with mum)
861. Teen Wolf S03E11* (with mum)
862. Teen Wolf S03E12* (with mum)
863. Supernatural S10E01 (with Jil)
864. Supernatural S10E02 (with Jil)
865. 2 Broke Girls S04E04 (with Jil)
866. Selfie S01E02
867. Selfie S01E03
868. Teen Wolf S03E13* (with mum)
869. Teen Wolf S03E14* (with mum)
870. Teen Wolf S03E14* (with mum)
871. Teen Wolf S03E15* (with mum)
872. Teen Wolf S03E16* (with mum)
873. Teen Wolf S03E17* (with mum)
874. Teen Wolf S03E18* (with mum)
875. Teen Wolf S03E19* (with mum)
876. Teen Wolf S03E20* (with mum)
877. Teen Wolf S03E21* (with mum)
878. Teen Wolf S03E22* (with mum)
879. Teen Wolf S03E23* (with mum)
880. Teen Wolf S03E24* (with mum)
881. Teen Wolf S04E01* (with mum)
882. Teen Wolf S04E02* (with mum)
883. Teen Wolf S04E03* (with mum)
884. Supernatural S10E03 (with Jil)
885. Grey's Anatomy S11E06 (with mum & Jil)
886. Grey's Anatomy S11E07 (with mum & Jil)
887. Grey's Anatomy S11E08 (with mum & Jil)


888. Teen Wolf S04E04* (with mum)
889. Teen Wolf S04E05* (with mum)
890. Teen Wolf S04E06* (with mum)
891. Teen Wolf S04E07* (with mum)
892. Teen Wolf S04E08* (with mum)
893. Teen Wolf S04E09* (with mum)
894. Teen Wolf S04E10* (with mum)
895. Teen Wolf S04E11* (with mum)
896. Teen Wolf S04E12* (with mum)
897. New Girl S02E23* (with mum)
898. Supernatural S10E04 (with Jil)
899. Supernatural S10E05 (with Jil)
900. Teen Wolf S01E01* (with mum)
901. Teen Wolf S01E02* (with mum)
902. Teen Wolf S01E03* (with mum)
903. Teen Wolf S01E04* (with mum)
904. Suits S01E01 (with mum and Jil)
905. Suits S01E02 (with mum and Jil)
906. Suits S01E03 (with mum and Jil)
907. Teen Wolf S01E05* (with mum)
908. Teen Wolf S01E06* (with mum)
909. Teen Wolf S01E07* (with mum)
910. Teen Wolf S01E08* (with mum)
911. Teen Wolf S01E09* (with mum)
912. The Mindy Project S01E01* (with Jil)
913. The Mindy Project S01E02* (with Jil)
914. The Mindy Project S01E03* (with Jil)
915. The Mindy Project S01E04* (with Jil)
916. The Mindy Project S01E05* (with Jil)
917. The Mindy Project S01E06* (with Jil)
918. The Mindy Project S01E07* (with Jil)
919. The Mindy Project S01E08* (with Jil)
920. The Mindy Project S01E09* (with Jil)
921. The Mindy Project S01E10* (with Jil)
922. The Mindy Project S01E11* (with Jil)
923. The Mindy Project S01E12* (with Jil)
924. The Mindy Project S01E13* (with Jil)
925. The Mindy Project S01E14* (with Jil)
926. The Mindy Project S01E15* (with Jil)
927. Teen Wolf S01E10* (with mum)
928. Teen Wolf S01E11* (with mum)
929. Teen Wolf S01E12* (with mum)

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2011 - 104 movies (till October)
2012 - 47 movies (till July
2013 - 20 movies
2014 - 29 movies

2010 - 1,300 episodes
2011 - 798 episodes (till September)
2012 - 506 episodes (till July)
2013 - 402 episodes
2014 - 929 episodes

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2014 - Art & Fics

Dec. 31st, 2014 | 07:35 pm


[art & fics 2014]



HP | Lucius/Dolohov/Draco/Macnair (NC-17)


HP | James/Lily (NC-17) BTR | Jocy (PG) HP | Harry/Lily (R)


HP | ?/Albus (NC-17) 1D | Narry (PG) BTR | Kendall/Dustin (PG-13)


HP | Bill/Minerva (NC-17) BTR | Jeta (G)


Big Time Rush | Kames (PG) Big Time Rush | Jarlos (R) Various | Various (G)
Victorious | Jori (PG) One Direction | Tomlinshaw (PG) Big Time Rush | Kogan (PG)
BTR | Jarlos (R)


Various | Various (G) PJO | Percy Jackson (G) PJO | Nico di Angelo (G)
BTR | James (R) HP | James/Albus (NC-17)


BTR | Jarlos (G) Various | Various (G) TMI | Malec (PG-13)
Various | Various (PG-13) HP | Lucius/Narcissa (R)


BTR | Jarlos (PG) BTR | BTR (G) HP | Draco/Albus (PG-13)
Free! | Soumako (PG-13) HP | Cormac/Parvati (NC-17) Free! | Reinagi (G)


HP | Draco/Albus (NC-17) Teen Wolf | Derek (G)


Teen Wolf | Sterek (PG-13) Teen Wolf | Derek (G) Teen Wolf | Sterek (PG)


Teen Wolf | Sterek (PG-13) Teen Wolf | Sterek (R) Teen Wolf | Sterek (G)
Teen Wolf | Sterek (PG-13)


Teen Wolf | Sterek (R) Teen Wolf | Sterek (PG-13) Teen Wolf | Sterek (G)


Teen Wolf | Derek Hale (G)

Complete Art Count: 44 art posts (may contain multiple drawings though)

FICS (written)


01. Someone Who's Just Right | 1D - Ziam - NC-17
02. mine for the summer | BTR - Jomille - NC-17




01. Someone Who's Just Right | 1D - Ziam - NC-17 (part 2)


03. Scent of Attraction | BTR - Kames - NC-17






Looking back, did you write more fics than you thought you would this year, less than you thought, or about what you predicted?
Far, far less. I wrote a grand total of 3 fics, one of which is not even finished yet despite the fact that I wrote the first chapter in February and the second one in June, and there's only one more left to write. I really wanted to wrap that fic up before the new year, but I just don't have the time or necessary motivation to do it. I did start working on a few fics at the end of the year, though, but I'd rather count them as fics for the new year where I'll hopefully be much more productive!

Where did you publish/archive your stories?
AO3, and posted links to my AO3 posts on Tumblr.

What pairing/genre/fandom did you write that you would never have predicted in January 2014?
Well... despite not having published any of these yet - Sterek. I didn't think I'd get sucked into the Teen Wolf fandom the way I did!

What's your favourite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
Not much to choose from, but... Scent of Attraction.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
Someone Who's Just Right, I suppose.

I'm going to skip the next few questions cause I don't have much to choose from...

Story most underappreciated by the universe?
Story that could have been better?
Sexiest story?
Most fun story?
Story with the single sweetest moment? Story that made you cry?

Hardest story to write?
Someone Who's Just Right. I'm just not into 1D the way I used to be, so it's hard to focus on finishing that when I just want to start new things.

Easiest story to write?
Scent of Attraction. I finished that one reeeally fast when I finally had the necessary prompts and ideas.

Most overdue story?
Someone Who's Just Right... gah.

Do you have any fanfic goals for the New Year?
First I want to finish that goddamn 1D fic, and after that, I want to finish and publish all the Sterek fics I've started recently, and write more of those. And just in general - write more.

Complete Fic Count: 3

Fest Submissions: 4
Fest Submissions - Art: 3
Fest Submissions - Fic: 1

Complete Word Count: 1,011,997 words
Complete Word Count - Fics: 31,081 words
Complete Word Count - RP: 980,916 words

2009 - 2014

2009 - 58 drawings
2010 - 83 drawings
2011 - 46 drawings
2012 - 28 drawings
2013 - 38 drawings
2014 - 44 drawings

2009 - 14 fics
2010 - 26 fics
2011 - 19 fics
2012 - 23 fics
2013 - 12 fics
2014 - 3 fics

2009 - 92,953 words
2010 - 106,335 words
2011 - 473,966 words
2012 - 286,117 words
2013 - 182,938 words
2014 - 31,081 words

2009 - 18 fest submissions
2010 - 22 fest submissions
2011 - 16 fest submissions
2012 - 9 fest submissions
2013 - 6 fest submissions
2014 - 4 fest submissions

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