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10 December 2023 @ 09:37 pm
So basically, this journal is semi-friends only, which means that everything real life as well as personal photos are friends-locked while most everything else is public. Which means that I don't need to follow you back unless you (for some odd reason) are interested in my personal life. In that case, just drop me a comment and introduce yourself, and if I see that we have common interests, I may friend you back! :)

If you're looking for my art, fics, graphics or links to my other sites, go have a quick look at my profile where you'll most likely find everything (and more) you're looking for!

01 December 2019 @ 09:55 pm

This masterlist contains everything I've ever written; even the really bad stories from before 2007. You can find those at the bottom of the list; they're mostly about Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Everything Harry Potter is sorted by generation (Marauders, Harry's gen, next gen and cross gen) and by pairing.

Everything Tokio Hotel and One Direction is sorted by length (oneshot, chaptered, series) and by pairing.

Harry Potter | Tokio Hotel | One Direction | Old stuff
11 August 2014 @ 11:13 pm
So lordes is looking for HP artists who would be interested in drawing pimping banners and possibly gift art for the participants of hp_uk_meetup. If you're interested, get in touch with her! :)

06 August 2014 @ 09:24 pm

Now, using Tumblr without any apps or extensions is okay BUT if you want the REAL Tumblr experience, you have to use the browser extension "X-Kit". Seriously. You won't regret it. Whether you use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari (discontinued :c), X-Kit will make your Tumblr experience much, much easier and enjoyable.

Here is just a small list of things X-Kit does to make Tumblr so much better and easier to use.

- it allows you to reblog post without ever actually "entering" a post to reblog it
- it has a blacklist feature
- it allows you to change the colours of your dashboard
- and much, much more.

So in short: If you want to really love Tumblr, you need X-Kit.

I'm gonna take you through the few easy steps to install X-Kit and show you how to use it - AND I'll try to show you what every step does to your dashboard/blog.

Step 1 - Installing X-Kit

Go to and type in "X Kit".


Click the link that says "Download X-Kit" (the second one). That will take you to this page:


Find the download/install button; usually, it recognizes which browser you're using, so you don't have to worry about that. Once you've installed (and allowed the installation), you can always delete/disable the extension in your Settings/Extensions here:


Now go to your dashboard and learn to use (and love) X-Kit.

Step 2 - The basics

After a brief installation process, you'll notice a new icon at the top of the page.


Click the X-Kit icon to access your extensions. I do believe that the first time you use X-Kit, there's a "wizard" that you can use to acquaint yourself with the extension. If not, just keep reading this post. :) After you've clicked the X-Kit icon, this pop-up will open.


Here you can tick/untick all the extensions you want or need, and customize X-Kit to make it awesome for you.

On the left side of the "my x-kit" tab, you can scroll through the extensions you have installed.


When you click one of those, the page will open on the right side and show you a bunch of options that you can choose to use, or not use.


To find extensions, click "get extensions" at the bottom of the pop-up, which will take you to the extension gallery.


Here you can find different extensions you can add to your X-Kit.


Every extension has a tiny popup with information about the extension, and when you hit install, and go back to "my X-Kit", you can costumize the extension.

Step 3 - X-Kit extensions explained

All right, so let's go through the extensions I have installed. I don't use all of them because I just don't need some of them, but I have quite a few that I can take you through. :)


Xinbox allows you to:

- show a notification when you receive a new ask/fan mail on the left side of your dashboard. This is useful when you've scrolled all the way down on your dashboard and wouldn't see a new message until you've scrolled back to the top. This gives you real-time notifications about messages you get.

- add tags to published messages right away without having to edit the post later.

- show a reply button on private answers you receive (like I said in my previous post, otherwise you would have to go back to the person's blog to send a reply)

- search messages in your inbox.

- mass-edit/delete messages.

among other things.

One-Click Postage

One-Click Postage allows you to:

- reblog posts straight from your dashboard without ever leaving it. It shows a little pop-up box like this:


where you can choose which blog to reblog it to, tag, add a caption, etc. all without actually going to the 'reblog page". SUPER USEFUL AND FAST! I cannot live without it anymore.

- turn the reblog-button green on a post when you've already reblogged that post.

among other things.

One-Click Reply

One-Click Reply allows you to:

- reply to reply notifications on your dashboard (when they've been made by someone you follow). I don't have a screencap example for this unfortunately...

- customize what those replies look like in your post (because replying to a reply to one of your posts creates a new post).

- be notified when someone mentions you in a post (experimental feature).

among other things.


Tweaks allows you to:

- wrap tags for easier reading (with "basic Tumblr", tags aren't all displayed when someone has a lot of long ones).

- hide the 'share on Twitter/Facebook' icons on posts on your dashboard.

- hide a bunch of other things you don't necessarily need.

- change the look of quote and chat posts (because Tumblr changed the look of those posts a while ago).

- move the edit/remove buttons out of the gear menu:

- hide blog suggestions in the search bar.

- removes the "web search" button from the search bar and shows a "new" bubble when one of your tracked tags has a new post.

- hide blog suggestions/Tumblr radar/find blogs on the sidebar.

among many other things.

This is what my sidebar looks like right now - no annoying blog suggestions or highlighted posts.



When you're on someone's blog (someone you're following) and go into a post, this allows you to view this post on your dashboard, which can be useful if you'd like to use some of the other X-Kit features, such as looking at other people's tags or... whatever.

Tags on Sidebar

This shows your tracked tags in the dashboard sidebar. You can choose whether you always want it there, or if you only want them to show up when there's a post you haven't seen yet.

I track these two tags right now:



Tumblr posts don't have a date and time on your dashboard. This adds those things, which can be useful. Let's say you remember last checking your dashboard at 5 pm. Now it's 7 pm. So when there are timestamps on the posts, you can tell when you've reached the last post you saw earlier.


Classic Search

Remember the section about the tag search in the first post? This allows you to see the actual tag automatically, rather than Tumblr's crowded new search page! Very useful if you check tags a lot.


No blog suggestions; just posts tagged with whatever you're looking for.

Reblog Yourself

Useful when you've made an announcement and you want to reblog it again a couple of hours later or just if you want to bring an old post back for some reason.

Audio Downloader

This adds a download button to audio posts. Awesome if you see a song you like and want to... well, download it. >:)))


Bonus: The X-Kit guy (as the creator of this awesome extension is commonly referred to on Tumblr) has added sassy messages that pop up whenever you download something.



This allows you to tweak the notifications on your dashboard. You can, for example

- highlight dashboard notifications from people you follow.

- show the number of notes when you hover over a notification.

among other things.

Read More Now

Tumblr's version of the LJ-cut is called "read more". This allows you to open read mores on your dashboard - if it's the original post. If you're not following the original poster, you still have to go to their blog to read the rest of the post. But this can be very helpful when someone has a theme with a tiny font that's hard to read.

Reblog as Text

This is also very important! Tumblr tends to reblog long text posts as links. This looks ugly on your blog and is also very impractical because people who want to read the post need to go to the person you reblogged it from's blog to read the rest of the post. If that person deleted their blog in the meantime, they'd never get to read the post. If you install this, Tumblr will reblog any long text posts as... well, text posts.

User Menus+

This will add a small options button when you hover over someone's icon on your dash, which shows, among other things,

- a link to their ask

- a link to their likes

among other things.

Glowing Follow

When you visit someone's blog and you're not following them but they're following you, this will make their follow button glow.

Open In Tabs

This will open all dashboard links in tabs. Which can be very useful when you've scrolled far down on your dashboard. If you clicked a link and forgot to open it in a new tab manually, you would leave your dashboard and you'd have to scroll all the way back down again later. Which sucks. So this is very useful.


This saves the 50 last asks you've answered privately. Other than this, Tumblr has no outbox.


This allows you to block a post. There are a few "chain" posts like, "everyone who sees this picture dies" or something like that. When you're a little superstitious, it can be quite annoying to see this post on your dashboard. If you block the post, you'll never have to see it again. Same goes for other posts as well, obviously.

Read Posts

VERY useful. This dims the posts on your dashboard that you've already seen on previous page loads. So if you like always going all the way back to the last post you saw, this is great because you don't have to remember what time you were online before, and can just scroll back to the first dimmed post.


Tag Viewer

This allows you to look at tags that other people have left on posts. Since Tumblr often uses tags to express their feelings/opinions, this can be fun to look at on some posts.



This allows you to give people a nickname that only you will see. Very useful when you follow a lot of people with similar blog names, or when someone changes their URL and you want to remember their previous one as well.

Convert Links

Links do not work in asks. When you want to send someone a link, Tumblr won't allow you to send it. So when someone wants to send you a link, they have to change it to something like hello(.)tumblr(.)com to be able to send their ask. And when you want to copy/paste this into your address bar, it takes some time. This turns these links into clickable ones.

Reply Viewer

Similar extension as Tag Viewer, this allows you to see any replies, answers and additional content that have been added to reblogs on any post.

View My Tags

This lets you see a list of all the tags you've used.

Tag Replacer

This allows you to mass-change your tags. Let's say you've tagged all your Teen Wolf posts "teen wolf", but want to change it to "tv show: teen wolf"? This allows you to do that without having to go back and retag every single post individually.

No Recommended

Tumblr has this new thing where it puts random posts on your dash that they think might interest you. This hides those.

Post Limit Checker

Tumblr lets you make/reblog 250 posts per 24 hours. I've hit post limit twice in two years - and it's really hard to get there. But this extension lets you see how many posts you've already made today.


Step 4 - Themes+

This extension gets its own category. You can easily change your dashboard colours with it to get rid of that boring blue. :)))



Tadaaaaaaaaaa! :D

Step 5 - Blacklist

And finally - the most important feature: The blacklist.

Once you've installed it, it allows you to blacklist or whitelist certain words and all the posts that contain that word or are tagged as such will be hidden from your dashboard. This is also great when you want to avoid spoilers for a book/movie/tv show and people you're following are considerate enough to tag their posts. So yeah, this is why it's so important to tag posts.

Anyway, how does the blacklist work?

Let's say you're not interested in Guardians of the Galaxy. You add the words to your blacklist...


And when a post containing that title appears on your dashboard, X-Kit hides it for you.


You can also choose to have blacklisted posts not show up at all.

It's also crazily easy to add things to your blacklist. You can either go to the X-Kit menu and add them manually, or use a keyboard combination to make the box pop up. You can also just highlight words on your dashboard, and click them while holding down Alt, which is awesome because people sometimes have very specific tags for things.

There are many, many more awesome features that X-Kit offers you but I'd be at this forever if I showed you all of them. So just... trust me when I say that X-Kit facilitates your life on Tumblr and that you won't regret installing it.

Add to that the fact that the X-Kit guy is suuuuuuuuuuuuper nice, and... there's no reason not to use it.

Hope this was helpful, and if you ever have any questions, just ask. :)

There will be a third post at some point (though not now) with some other handy Tumblr tips and tricks that no one tells you about and that aren't that easy to figure out on your own, but... yeah. Some other time. :)
06 August 2014 @ 09:23 pm

I told a couple of people I would make a "how to use Tumblr" post, so let's do this. I'm not entirely sure how to go about it, however, because I've been using the site for over two years now, so some things that might be really easy and obvious to me might make no sense to people who've never really used it before.

I've decided to make a new account for this purpose, just so I don't miss any of the basics cause if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do it properly ;) Later, I kind of switched back and forth between the new blog and my regular one, so... just so you know.

So, let's do this!

Step 1 - Signing up

The first step is to go to and sign up - duh. You will see this page.


Tumblr doesn't need a ton of information about you; all you need to enter is your email address, an 8-character password, and - obviously - the URL/username you want to use - which you can change at any time. When you click sign up, you will be asked to enter your age and confirm that you've read the terms & conditions, so do that, and you'll have your Tumblr account. You will get an email to verify your account, so do that as well, and you can start using Tumblr.

The first page you will see is this:


Here you can enter your blog title (which will appear on your blog, depending on which theme/layout you use and in the 'title' of your tab when you open your blog), a brief description, and choose your icon. All of this can be changed at any time.

When you click "make it", Tumblr will take you to your dashboard where it'll want to make you follow random blogs. To skip this step for now, just reenter at the top.


Then you will finally be on your dashboard.


Hit "No, thanks" for now cause we're going to follow blogs later.

Then you will see posts from the Tumblr staff blog on your dashboard because you're following it automatically.


If you want to unfollow it, like me, click "Following 1 blog" in the sidebar, which will take you to this page, where later, you will see everyone you follow.


To unfollow the staff blog, just click the "unfollow" button next to it.

When you go back to your dashboard now, which you can do by clicking the giant Tumblr logo at the top, the little house icon at the top, or by simply re-entering in your address bar, it's nice and empty and ready for you to start doing stuff.

Step 2 - The settings


Now, you will see several little icons and stuff in the sidebar, so let me briefly explain what everything is.

The sidebar right now is full of random blogs that Tumblr suggests to you. When you start actually posting and reblogging posts, these recommendations will change and Tumblr will show you blogs that post things you're interested in. Let's ignore the sidebar for now and focus on the things at the top. The little house is your dashboard. The envelope takes you to your messages, the question mark is the help, support and FAQ section, the next sign is the settings, and the "off" button logs you out of your account.

Let's go into the 'settings' section.


Here you can change your basic blog information. When you scroll down, you will see more options...


Here, you can change your URL/username, open your askbox, allow replies from followers, etc.

If you want people to be able to contact you, make sure to turn all of these on:


You can also set your blog to NSFW, which I don't recommend unless you actually post pornographic stuff yourself and post it in the tags.


If you do not turn NSFW on and post porn in the tags anyway, Tumblr will however mark your blog NSFW by default and you won't be able to change it back. I don't think they do that, however, when all you do is reblog the occasional NSFW picture. I do it all the time and my blog hasn't been flagged so far, so... unless you post porn yourself, there's no need to flag your blog.

When you scroll back to the top, you'll notice that there are more pages in the sidebar - Account is the page we were on just now, but if you click Dashboard, Notifications or Apps, you will find more options.


There's nothing much to say about those options, really; they're all pretty self-explanatory, I think.

The only thing worth mentioning is "endless scrolling". Tumblr generally works with "infinite scroll", so it can take forever for the posts on your dashboard to load if you have a slow internet connection. In the settings, you find the option to turn this off. If you do, you have the option to have pages on your dashboard - pages of, I believe, about 15 posts. So this can be easier for you if pictures take ages to load.

Now, let's go back to the dashboard (by clicking the Tumblr logo or the little house icon).

Step 3 - Creating a sideblog

Tumblr gives you the option to have more than one blog on your account. This is great if you want to keep a personal blog and want fandom stuff on a different blog. Keep in mind, however, that you're only able to follow blogs with your main account. So if someone follows your second blog and wants to be followed back, you can only do this with your main blog.

So let's create a sideblog.

You see this at the top of your sidebar.


When you click the little arrow next to your blog title, this will pop up:


Click 'create a new blog' and you will get to this page:


Here, you can enter information about the new blog you'd like to create. When you've done that and you go back to your dashboard, and click the little arrow next to your blog title again, you will see both your blogs and can use this to switch back and forth between your main and your sideblog.


Step 4 - Changing your theme/layout

Now you're ready to actually set up your blog. On Tumblr, layouts are generally referred to as 'themes'. To get to the customization area, you can either click 'customize' in your sidebar...


Or go to your blog and click the 'edit theme' button in the top right corner.


This will take you to the slightly complicated-looking 'edit theme' page.


As you can see, Tumblr has a live preview, so that you can check all the changes you make as you go. The live preview isn't always completely accurate, but for the most part, it works pretty well.

Now there are two different options for you to find a theme you like.

Option 1: Standard Tumblr themes

For this, click "browse themes"...


Then select 'Free Themes'. This is important. Do NOT pay for a Tumblr theme. There are tons of great free themes, so there's really no point in paying for one.


Now you can browse the themes in the sidebar (you see a little preview, and if you click on them, it'll show you the theme in the large preview window on the right). When you find one you like, click use...


Then it'll take you back to the main theme editor, where you can scroll down in the sidebar and change the colours and some other options. If you like the way it looks, hit 'save', and then 'exit', and your Tumblr theme is installed.

Option 2: Custom Tumblr themes by theme makers

There are tons of theme makers on Tumblr who make themes that are a little fancier and prettier than the standard Tumblr themes. To find these, you can either try to search the Tumblr tags for "theme" or "themes", or you can go to one of these blogs (that are much like mintyapple on livejournal and have themes from different theme makers):

- themesrec
- theme-hunter

On these, you can either just browse the themes or look for the tag lists to find a theme with specific criteria that are important to you (such as plain white themes, sidebar on the right/left, topbar, infinite scroll, etc.)

When you find a theme you like, you'll find a link in the post that says "codes" or something like that, so click that, which will take you to a page like this:


Select the entire code, copy it, and then go back to your "edit theme" page. There, click 'edit HTML'.


In the page that opens, delete the entire code you see there, and paste your code into the box.


Hit 'live preview', then 'save. On the main 'edit theme' page, you can again edit your colours, upload background or sidebar images, etc.


When you're done, hit 'save' again, then 'exit', and voilà! Your blog is ready to use.

Step 5 - Messages

When you're back on your dashboard, you'll probably already have received a message.


Click on the envelope icon, which will take you to your 'message center'.


On your message, you'll see three icons in the right bottom corner. The X means 'block', which will block the person who sent you the message. The trash can means 'delete', which will delete the message, and the little post with the little pencil means 'reply'. Let's click that.


Here you can enter your reply. If someone messages you on 'anonymous', you don't have the option to answer the message privately - obviously. You can only publish it, or ignore it. When someone messages you off anon, however, you can either publish the message, or answer it privately. Most people prefer it when you answer it privately.

Unless you want to get daily messages from that Tumblr bot, make sure to 'block' it, so it can't send you more dumb questions. ;)

These messages are called "asks", by the way. There is a different sort of message called "fanmail". You can send "fanmail" by clicking the "send fanmail" button on the right. Often, you can only send fanmail when you're following a person, or some people have it disabled entirely. These messages can't be published.


For asks, you will get an email to notify you BUT you will not get an email when someone's replied to your message. The only thing that notifies you about a reply, is a little '1' bubble by the envelope button at the top of the page. For fanmail, you will not get emails either; only the little '1' bubble at the top.

For asks, you also need to know that if you send someone an ask and they reply privately, there is no way to reply to their reply. You need to go back to their blog and send a whole new ask. This kinda sucks a little, but... there are ways to make this easier, which I will get to later. :)

Step 6 - Following blogs

You can use Tumblr by just browsing the tags and reblogging things from there, of course, but it's much more fun if you follow a few blogs/people who post stuff you actually like cause then you can stay on your dashboard the entire time and don't need to scroll through lots of things you're not interested in.

The easiest way to follow a blog is if you already know a blog you want to follow. I'm going to go to my main blog now (not the one I just created). In the top right corner, you see the "follow" button, so just click that, and you're following that person.


When you go back to your dashboard, you will see their posts there.


To search the Tumblr tags to find blogs to follow, type something you're interested in into the little search bar in the top right corner of your dashboard.


Now, Tumblr recently changed its system a little, and when you click on Teen Wolf, it will take you to this page:


Which is, frankly, a mess, and makes my computer, at least, work 10 times harder because there's just so much on the page and it's hard to find things. The layout is awful, so if you just want to look at a regular tag, look at your address bar, highlight "search" and replace it with "tagged":



When you hit enter, you will get to the actual page of that tag, which looks much like your dashboard and shows you the most recent post made about that keyword:


Much easier to navigate.

The bad thing about the Tumblr tags is that you find anything related to that keyword - good and bad. A lot of people are assholes and tag their hate for a specific fandom or ship, which is why, once you follow a few blogs, you will probably stay out of the tags entirely.

Also, reposts. People spend a lot of time making amazing gifs and editing pictures, only to have idiots repost them and tag them and claim them as their own (even though it is SO much easier to just reblog a post and leave the source intact). Avoiding reposts isn't easy when you're not in a specific Tumblr fandom yet and don't know the graphic makers yet, but there are a few ways to tell whether something is a repost, which I will get into later.

Step 7 - Reblogging a post

Let's look at what posts look like on the dashboard.


On the left, you have the person's icon. When you click that, you'll get to their blog. Same if you click their blog name in the post. Tumblr changed something last night and now it opens people's blog in an annoying sidebar on your dashboard. No idea what the point of that is, but... yeah. Next to that, you see who that person reblogged the post from. If you want to follow that person, you can click the little plus next to their URL. In the left corner, you see the source of the post; in this case, the person who made the gif set.


At the bottom of the post, you have the tags, the number of notes (how many times the post has been reblogged and liked), and on the right side, you have two little icons. The arrow means "reblog", the heart means "like".

Let's hit the reblog button. This will open the reblog page.


At the top, you can choose which blog to reblog it to (if you have a sideblog). The rest of these icons aren't important right now. When you scroll down, you see the bottom of the post...


Here you can add a caption (which is generally frowned upon unless you actually have something useful to say. People don't like it when you add things like, "omg he's so hot" or "LOL" or "THIS!!!" because if everyone did that, the post would end up having 34989204 captions, which doesn't look very pretty and doesn't really... contribute anything to the post). On Tumblr, people often add their comments in their tags. This allows you to express yourself without "ruining" the post, so to speak. Your followers will see how you feel about the post, but the original poster won't see it, and your comment won't be on the post when someone else reblogs it.

Underneath the caption box, you can see the tag box. TAGGING IS IMPORTANT for a variety of reasons. First of all, it allows you to find the post on your blog later. Secondly, there is a blacklist for Tumblr (which I will get to later), so if someone who follows you doesn't want to see (in this case) Tyler Posey posts, they can blacklist the name and your post won't show up on their dashboard. So please tag your posts. Personally, I don't follow people who don't tag, and I know a lot of other people don't either. :)))

When you tag something you reblog, it will NOT show up in the "open" Tumblr tags. In this case, tags are merely for organizational and blacklist purposes.

Under that, you see the "reblog" button. Here, you have a few more options:


If you just click "reblog", the post will be posted right away. The rest of the options are pretty self-explanatory. Posting something privately, however, is useless, because you will never find the post again, so... yeah.

After reblogging your post, you will be back on your dashboard, and can scroll down to find more posts to reblog.

Step 8 - Making your own posts

Tumblr has different post categories. These are pretty self explanatory.


Let's make a text post.


Also... pretty self explanatory.

A note on tags on original posts: When you tag a post you're making, it will show up in the Tumblr tags and people will be able to see it when they search for the tag you added. HOWEVER, only the first 5 tags will show up in the tags.

For example, if you want to post a photo of, say, Bill and Tom Kaulitz and you tag it, in this order: #bill kaulitz #tom kaulitz #tokio hotel #bill x tom #twincest #kaulitz twins

Those are six tags, meaning only the first five will be searchable in the Tumblr tags. The tag #kaulitz twins, will be searchable on your blog, and if someone blacklisted it, it will be blacklisted, but it will not show up if you search the Tumblr tags.

And that concludes the first part of my little Tumblr tutorial. Make sure to check out the second part, which introduces you to a browser extension that will make Tumblr about 100% easier and more awesome!

Part 2 - X-Kit
09 July 2014 @ 03:55 pm
...and I haven't seen a single post about it on my flist! How??

Text under the cut in case you haven't read it on Pottermore or Tumblr yet... It's an article by Rita Skeeter.


- Harry with silver streaks - yes please. Plus another scar? Good to know for future drawings! (I'm still gonna keep changing his glasses to something sexier though~)
- Rita's hints at a marriage crisis cause Ginny's not around... what is going on there? ;)) (I don't mind Harry/Ginny, but obviously prefer shipping Harry with just about anyone else...)
- TEDDY!!! :') James! Albus! My babies. <333
- Harry "keeping a tighter reign on this wild boy" - yes, please! ;)
- The comment on Charlie still not being married :))
- Harry and Viktor apparently being pretty good friends!
- And... yeah. What about Draco and Scorpius? She could've squeezed them in somehow, hmph.

Yup yup. I liked it. I suppose some people are going to ignore it since they disregard the whole existence of the epilogue in the first place but... it's nice to have something again. Even if it's just a dumb Rita Skeeter article.

In other news, I'm at work and bored. I also want a new LJ layout but I can't find one I like. I deleted my LJ profile weeks ago and still haven't rewritten it... I think some LJ maintenance is in order (also friending/refriending/unfriending, probably, maybe, I don't know). I'm just so laaazzyyy.
27 May 2014 @ 09:36 pm
Sooo, question.

I went through that post LJ made about the feedback they got about the new layout, and I saw some comments about people still using the "old friends page" with their customized journal layout. How?? I thought it was impossible to go back to that; when I switch from the new new version to the old version, all I have is the "standard" feed, not my old, lovely, customized friends page...
16 May 2014 @ 08:03 pm
Sooo clearly I haven't been on LJ for a while (again) and am way behind on my flist (again), but I just scrolled down to like, May 1st or something, so I have read a few entries. Not really replied to any of them though because there was either nothing to say or it was a really personal entry and I felt weird replying to it days/weeks later. So... consider this an "I've read your post and I ♥ you even though I'm a shitty LJ friend and never around" post. :))

I don't even really have an excuse for my absence; it's not that real life is so busy that I can't get to a computer anymore - I'm still online day and night, pretty much, but I happen to hang out on different... sites. And I've been doing stuff. Creative stuff, organisational stuff - also, lots of reading.

But anyway. The new LJ layout! I... don't hate it. I don't love it either but, you know, whatever. I do think they could give us some more customisation options because it's all a bit too big for me. But I guess that's why browsers have "zoom in" and "zoom out" options! I have it all on 75% right now and that works fine, for now.

Real life wise... there's nothing to talk about, really.

Like I said, I've been reading a lot and I'm sooo obsessed with the Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus books. Why did no one tell me they're so great??? And so many slash/femmeslash possibilities; I'm in heaven :))) I'm on Mark of Athena right now, and I'm dreading the day when I finish House of Hades because I really don't want to wait till October for the last one.

I've been drawing a lot, using tutorials and stuff... And I now have an art Tumblr! I already created one a little while ago but then deleted and recreated it because Tumblr flagged the old one nsfw by default - which, don't get me wrong - it should be, but... then nothing shows up in the tags. And when nothing shows up in the tags, people aren't going to find me, and... yeah. That was bugging me, so I made a new one - which is completely safe for work now. I will, however, make another nsfw one, but I haven't had a good idea for an URL yet, so... some other time.

If you're interested, you should follow, though! :))

27 January 2014 @ 12:08 pm

Hey, so I logged in to Dreamwidth for the first time in... uh... years, probably, just to check on things and stuff, aaand I remembered that I had a few communities over there.

So I thought I'd ask if anyone who's (much) more active on DW than me would possibly like to take over? They're not really that active despite the fact that they were the first communities for their subjects that were created back in the day~, and, um. Yeah.

The comms I'm talking about are:

hp fanart
hp slash
hp next gen slash

It's not that I'm not interested in those things anymore but I just... figured I'd ask if there's someone who'd like to actually make the comms somewhat active. Or host some challenges or fests or whatever. Sooo, let me know if you're interested :) No guidelines or anything - you can change the layout, the rules, fix the tags - everything. I just want someone with more enthusiasm for them to have them.

11 January 2014 @ 04:36 pm
Stolen from luvscharlie :)

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07 January 2014 @ 11:40 pm
Soooo, I haven't rec'ed this yet, but. If you like Pottercest - James/Lily and Harry/Lily, specifically - you need to go read my Kinky Kristmas gift RIGHT NOW. It may be the hottest thing I've ever read.

» Sweet Girl

And just in case you need a little more convincing and prefer a visual before you start reading... I just drew something inspired by that amazing fic :)

as you can imagine... NSFW~
06 January 2014 @ 12:27 pm
Long meme cause I'm at work and trying to make time pass faster. First days back after two weeks off are horrible, jsyk.

Stolen from ginger_veela

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01 January 2014 @ 02:12 pm
(Last one, I swear!)

Now that 2013 is over, here are my AO3 statistics again. Like last time, I'm only tracking the ones for my One Direction and Big Time Rush fics because with nearly 100 works uploaded, tracking everything would be too much work... and those fandoms are more active on AO3 than my old ones anyway, so... yeah.

These are only my stats on AO3; Tumblr/LJ/ comments/likes/reblogs aren't considered.

There are also a few little drabbles/ficlets I've written this past month that I haven't uploaded to AO3 (yet) because I'm not sure yet if I'm gonna post them all individually or put several together, so...

Author Statistics

On January 10th:

On June 30th:

On December 28th:


Indiviual Fic Statistics:

Note: The light orange ones are 1D fic, the light blue ones are BTR fic, the darker blue ones are the ones I've uploaded/updated since last time.

On January 10th:

On June 30th:

On December 28th:



Since June 30th...

+ 4 works
+ 85,868 words

+ 33 author subscriptions
+ 988 kudos
+ 53 comment threads
- 1 subscription
+ 58,334 hits

In June, my story with the most...

hits is colour my senses cherry red (45,375 hits)
kudos is colour my senses cherry red (969 kudos)
comments is colour my senses cherry red (1056 comments)
bookmarks is colour my senses cherry red (212 bookmarks)
subscriptions is colour my senses cherry red (171 subscriptions)

Today, my story with the most...

hits is colour my senses cherry red (64,229 hits)
kudos is colour my senses cherry red (1245 kudos)
comments is colour my senses cherry red (1115 comments)
bookmarks is colour my senses cherry red (312 bookmarks)
subscriptions is colour my senses cherry red (162 subscriptions)

(That fic is probably gonna be my #1 forever; I don't think I'll ever get more than that... and definitely not with BTR fic.)

And now, let's look at the whole year!

Since January:

+ 7 works (6 fics, 1 'work' for my 1D fanart)
+ 22 chapters for colour my senses cherry red
+ 168,009 words

+ 121 author subscriptions
+ 2,818 kudos
+ 548 comment threads
+ 128 subscriptions
+ 146,036 hits
01 January 2014 @ 02:08 pm
- Complete 2013 Fest Masterlist
- Complete 2013 Art Masterlist
- Complete 2013 Fic Masterlist
- 2013 Writing Meme
- Statistics
- 2009-2013

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01 January 2014 @ 01:31 pm
I didn't manage to make all my posts before midnight last night, so I decided to just wait until later today. Here's my art summary 2013...

art summaryCollapse )
31 December 2013 @ 06:47 pm
Open the calendar of your livejournal and post the first sentence of the first post of each month. That is your year in review.

January: 2012 Art Summary
February: This and that
March: pictures for the photo meme!
April: *waves sheepishly*
May: 21 last lines
June: how is it june already?
July: fandom~
August: this and that~
September: //
October: //
November: I'M BACK!!!
December: i suck

So to recap, 50% of my first entries each month were either non-existent or apologies for not updating/reading LJ. Ooooops lol :)
31 December 2013 @ 06:46 pm
The first of many several end-of-the-year posts... I apologize in advance for spamming a little :))

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28 December 2013 @ 07:41 pm
...the Harry Potter fandom on Tumblr.

I just... How does it work exactly?

I mean, how do you look for pairings? How do you tag fanart or fic?

Portmanteaus aren't really common in this fandom at all (or weren't, back in the day~) but they're the norm in most fandoms now and that's how you search the tags for the ship of your choice. And that would be fine if you're into the canon or main pairings - there's Ronmione, Drarry, Snarry, Snupin, and even Scorpialbus - so those are all relatively easy to find.

But what about pretty much every other pairing? How would you tag James Sirius/Albus Severus? Or Luna/Tonks? Or Macnair/Pansy or - you get what I mean. I tried to look for certain rarepairs the other day and had no idea how to even start. Do people use (for example) Ginny/Luna? Or Ginny x Luna? Or Guna? Or Linny?

Am I over-thinking this? Probably.

I'm asking because I'm thinking about maybe creating an art Tumblr and putting some of my old favourites on there as well as everything new I draw from now on. But how do I get any of it out there? I'm not worried about Harry/Draco or some of the other popular pairings I've drawn. But most of what I draw, HP-wise, are rarepairs. Also, mostly smutty, so I wouldn't want to put them in the main Harry Potter tag (which is probably so active that people don't even track it).

Also, is it me or is Tumblr uncharacteristically 'innocent' when it comes to HP? All I see is gif sets from the movies, and the art I've seen on there so far is R-rated at most. I'm not sure they're even ready for some of the kinky stuff I've drawn, haha.

I just... yeah. That's what I've been thinking about for the past couple of days, so... thoughts? :D
27 December 2013 @ 02:51 am
...or something. Stolen from several people.

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09 December 2013 @ 04:30 pm updating, mostly, eep. But this time I have a sort of good (not really) excuse for it? I got used to checking my flist at work because... well, at home, I tend to forget, and catching up with LJ during work breaks just works really well, you know? But for the past few weeks, my flist was blocked on my work computer. It was weird - the rest of LJ worked perfectly but I couldn't access my "feed" cause it was classified as "suspicious". Hmmm.

And then today, I tried again - and taddaaa! It worked. So that was nice. And weird.

I didn't comment on that much cause I had a ton to catch up with, but I did have a quick look at some of your entries of like, the past week, sooo... yeah. Hopefully now my flist will remain unblocked and I'll be able to read LJ daily ;)

I suppose I should write that update I've been meaning to write for ages... and since I'm planning on staying at work for at least another hour, I suppose I could do it now! We'll see :)
06 November 2013 @ 12:42 am
Stolen from notearchiver:

Below is a list of 50 25* works of 'literature' that have influenced me in various ways (in no particular order), ranging from the mundane to the esoteric, new to old, frivolous to serious, children's lit and beyond.

I basically just tried to think of books I've read that were in some way memorable or that I've reread several times. Many of them ended up being German or children's books, and... yeah, you probably don't even know most of them buuuuuut yeah. Here's my list~

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04 November 2013 @ 04:54 pm
Did anyone even notice my slightly-longer-than-usual absence? ;) Anyway... yeah. I'm back from my completely random, out of the blue and unplanned break from Livejournal, and believe it or not, now I'm actually motivated to get back into it. I really hope it last'll last because I've actually missed LJ and that hasn't happened for a loooong while.

On the few rare occasions I did have a look at my flist over the past month(s), I ended up seeing fic/kink discussions & meta as well as long personal post with lots of comments, and I realised how much I miss this! And what it used to be like. And I want that back. So. Yeah. I guess now I just have to actually find something to write about. Well - no, I actually do have several posts planned, mostly about real life stuff but possibly also a fandom post or two. So. I'll write and post those at some point in the nearish future. That sounds so vague, though. I should give myself a deadline. This week. There.

But yeah, basically I'm back, so hi, hello, how are you, what's new? :)
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